Baby Headband Crochet Pattern

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By Crochet Contributor Sara. Follow Sara on her blog, Sunflower Crochet Cottage.

Don’t you just love a project that only requires scrap yarn to do? I don’t know about you, but i have a ton of scrap yarn! I raided my stash to find some tiny little balls of scrap yarn just for this project.

This means you won’t necessarily need to go out and buy more yarn, but if you want to make several of these for a craft fair for example, you could get a lot of headbands in all sizes out of ONE SKEIN!

The little bits of scrap yarn I used to work this up for made the sizes 0-6 month, and 6-12 month, and had just a little left over. Here’s a picture of the scrap yarn I used.

Those little balls of scrap yarn were only about an inch and a half in diameter which means they were pretty small! Any baby weight, sport weight, light weight, or DK yarn will do. I honestly don’t remember what this yarn was, it looks like a Red Heart baby yarn from ages past…

I recommend using Lion Brand’s Baby Soft, Bernat’s Softee Baby, or Red Heart Baby Hugs Light yarn, etc. There are also soft cotton yarns designed just for babies that also has anti-bacterial properties (but those can get expensive!). Any #2 weight or #3 weight yarn will do, however.



Grab your hook and yarn and let’s get started!



15 HDC and 16 rows = 4”x4” square


Finished piece (lightly stretched) measures approx. :
0-6 months—14” circumference, 7” diameter
6-12 months—16” circumference, 8” diameter
Toddler—18” circumference, 9” diameter
Child—20” circumference, 9” diameter


Firstly, the chain 1 or 2 at the beginning of a round does NOT count as a stitch.

Secondly, the pattern is written for all sizes listed above in the Sizing section.

The instructions for the pattern is written for 0-6 months first, all other sizes with their stitch counts will be in parenthesis ( ) and separated by comma and in the order they are listed above, so PLEASE pay attention to the size you are working and where the stitch count numbers are in the line-up.

For example: Ch 52 (62, 74, 88)

Third, when working the texture row, be sure to skip a stitch after each bean stitch worked because to finish off the bean stitch, you must chain 1 which creates an extra stitch, so in order to keep the balance, skip a stitch under the chain 1 and work your cross stitch in the next 2 stitches.

(I know this sounds confusing however, this will make more sense when you get to the texture rows and see it for yourself).

Showing both sides of the Bean Stitch and where to place HDCs


XS—Cross Stitch
BS—Bean Stitch
*to*–Repeat theinstructions written between the two *
YO—yarn over


Bean Stitch—To work this stitch, *Yo, insert hook into indicated st, yo, pull up a loop*, rep *to*, yo, pull thru all 7 loops on hook, ch1.

Cross Stitch—To work this stitch, skip next stitch, work a DC in next, work another DC in the skipped stitch going behind the DC just made.

Because I know this can be very confusing, you can find the video here.


Ch 52 (64, 76, 88), and without twisting the chain, join to first chain made (at the opposite end of where you are now) by inserting your hook into that first chain, yarn over and pull up a loop, then pull through both loops on your hook to join.  We are now working in the round.

Row 1: ch1, hdc in each stitch around and join to first hdc made.  (52, 64, 76, 88)

Row 2: Ch2, BS in same as ch2, *sk 1 st, XS in next (using next 2 sts—see special stitches), BS in next*, rep from *to* to end of round, joining with a sl st to top of first BS made (13 BS 13 XS, 14 BS 14 XS, 15 BS 15 XS, 16 BS 16 XS)

Row 3: Ch1, hdc in same and in ea sp around, being sure to place one in the ch1 created when making the BS, join to first hdc with a sl st and FO.  (52, 64, 76, 88)

Weave in ends.

I hope you enjoy crocheting this cute baby headband!


©This pattern and its images are copyright protected and are the sole property of Sara Marsh of Sunflower Cottage Crochet.  Please do not redistribute, transfer, or sell the pattern in any way, or alter it to claim as your own. You may sell any products you create from this pattern. Please credit me by linking online listings Facebook, Website, and tag me on Instagram–#sunflower.cottage.crochet

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