Q-Tip Painted Bouquet

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By Kids Crafts Contributor Veronika. Follow Veronika on her blog Toddler at Play and on Instagram @toddleratplay.

This Q-tip Painted Bouquet is such a beautiful and colorful craft idea using a fun and unique painting technique. Using tied Q-tip bunches, dipping them into paint and stamping the tiny flowers has never been so fun. Kid’s will absolutely enjoy this craft!

You’ll need:

Washable Kids Paint
White Cardstock
Green Permanent Marker
Gray Permanent Marker
Paper Plate

Step one:

Grab 6 Q-tips and tie them with an elastic, twist a bit to form a flower out of the ends. Make as many bunches as you have of paint colors.

Step two:

With the gray permanent marker, draw a vase on the white cardstock, placing the cardstock vertically. Then draw as many stems as you can fit into the vase using the green permanent marker (I also colored in some leaves with a crayon, but that’s totally optional).

Step three:

Add washable kids paint to the paper plate…

and arrange the Q-tip bunches for each color.

Step four:

Now the fun part! Let the kids use the Q-tips bunches, dip them into paint and stamp at the tip of each stem.

This is such a beautiful and colorful bouquet painted by using a fun and unique technique. This activity is great for fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, concentration and so much more!

This is a wonderful craft for Spring and Summer and is a blast to make!

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