Fish and Fly Game

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Here’s a fun boredom buster project to make with the kids that’s not just simply a craft, but the finished project is a game as well!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, print Fish Game  onto white paper–I used cardstock.  The large rectangle is going to be the body, and will be applied onto the tube, so color accordingly.  Color the fish pieces, and cut them out.

Using your glue stick, adhere the body rectangle onto the tube, and hold the seam in place until it holds.

Cut a length of yarn, or twine that is about two times as long as your tube.  (If you want the game to be a little easier, you can cut your yarn a little shorter, as desired)

To make the fly, cut a piece of chenille stem about 3-inches long, and fold in half into a “v” shape.

Select a bead, and push the folded end of the “v” through the bead so it sticks out the other side.

Tie your yarn onto the chenille stem loop.

Pull the loop where you tied the yarn up into the bead, and add a dot of hot glue, as needed, to hold it in place.  Curve the two ends of the chenille stem into wings, and poke the ends into the hole of the bead.

Place the end of the yarn opposite the fly into the tube so half of the length of the yarn is inside the tube, and the end with the fly is hanging out.  Hot glue the yarn in place.

Glue the end of the tube with the yarn shut by smashing the end of the tube flat.  Hold until the glue is cool.  You can also, optionally, staple the tube shut.

Glue the tail onto the flat end of the tube.

Glue the flippers onto the side of your fish, and give it two googly eyes on either side of the head.

Decorate more as desired–I decided my fish needed more scales, and some gills on the side of his head.

Now, hold your fish behind the fins, and try to flip the fly up into the fish’s mouth to catch it.  With a little practice you’ll become a pro at feeding your fish!  Not to brag, but I’ve actually become quite good at catching flies, it’s just next to impossible to take a picture of yourself playing this game!

Happy crafting!


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