Free Stuff Friday!!

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Another Happy Friday to you! We hope you have some wonderful plans for the weekend, but first, lets get to the free stuff!

This week’s winner will receive a Cousin Jewelry Basics Tool Pack with Case. This Cousin Jewelry Tool Pack includes a convenient carrying case with round nose pliers for making loops and bends in wire, needle nose pliers to open and close wire loops and jump rings, bent nose pliers for making wrapped loops, flush cutters to cut wires and pins, a bead reamer to enlarge and clear out bead holes, tweezers and scoop set for working with small beads. Easy zipper access keeps tools safe and secure with no accidental spilling.

Every Friday we’ll post a giveaway on Think Crafts and all you have to do is comment on the blog post answering the question of the week. We’ll pick the winners and contact them via email. Deadline is midnight tonight and the winner will be announced Monday. One entry per person please.

Question of the week: Where is your favorite place to find craft inspiration?

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About Kimberly

Kimberly is the Customer Service Manager at CreateForLess, and it is her voice you hear when you call our toll-free number. Her love for crafting started when she asked her mom to make her a quilt...instead her mom signed her up for a class so she could make her own, and she hasn't stopped crafting since!

79 thoughts on “Free Stuff Friday!!

  1. Betsy Heimlich

    My favorite place to find craft inspiration is nature. I love the distinct colors of the seasons. If my palate is blah I’ll take a walk and that always opens my mind to new possibilities.

  2. Ann M

    Mmmm. Maybe a better question is where don’t I find inspiration. It seems to be all around me. But my most loved place to find inspiration is when I’m with my friends. As a retired person, I’m with my friends several times weekly. Craft ideas there come with stories. Sometimes friends will ask me to share what I am crafting and I become their inspiration. Excellent bonuses all around.

  3. Bridget Van Dalen

    My favorite place to find inspiration comes from my family. They love being on the receiving end of my projects. I love to craft, crochet, make jewelry, sew everything from clothes to toys, bake cakes and cookies and creating on 1 of my 4 Cricut machines. I have been passing this art on to my grandchildren as we have craft classes during the summer. I hope to keep the art of crafting alive ling after I am gone.

  4. Wendy

    From my pets and nature the most… they inspire me to create things related to them. I have alpacas and am currently letting my soap cure to felt it. I’ve made jewelry with alpacas, horses, flowers, etc. I have been making porch signs with barns, horses and flowers recently too. It all so much fun!

  5. Sarah Rodis Magaw

    I always pay attention to color. Color is so important to me with my crafting. I love mixing patterns and solids with glitter. I try to pay attention to all the simple things even down to how a person puts their clothes together gives me inspiration.

  6. Ann

    I get most of my inspiration from the very creative and generous people who post on the internet.

  7. Phyllis Proehl

    My inspiration comes from many places. First an foremost is my heart and the mood I am in at the moment. Then comes galleries from many different sources, I browse through and see what catches my eye. Sometimes it is the color or maybe the design. It can be style, cut or maybe it can be childlike or soft and feminine. So you see inspiring ideas for me can go in many different directions. Thank you.

  8. Susan Webb

    Ideas swirl around me like the wind! Children inspire me, but when I can I go to Pinterest where the published works of others can inspire me to go to even better heights!

  9. Jenny Zak

    I find inspiration in nature – the woods, the beach, local parks. I also find a lot of inspiration online, within Instagram and Pinterest!

  10. Debra

    Color is what most inspires me. I see inspirational color combinations on a daily basis from nature, magazines and the internet.To organize everything, I created an “inspiration” folder on my laptop. In it, are COLORS; TEXTURE; and STYLE sub folders. Each is filled with photos that I instantly reacted to… when I first saw them. The COLORS folder holds rich color combinations seen on a printed bedspread or fabric; the glorious colors of a sunset that are so striking behind the dark shadow of a lanky palm tree; dark gray clouds rolling across a bright blue sky over a lush green meadow on a stormy summer day; or a brightly colored front door welcoming guests into a neutral colored house. The TEXTURE folder may have a richly beaded bag or bracelet, an intricately woven textural basket; the ornate architectural shape of an older home, or a spectacular patchwork quilt. These first 2 folders will help one define his or her own STYLE….that inner compass that gently pulls us toward our comfort zone, centering us and making us feel “at home” no matter where we are in the world. Inspiration is EVERYWHERE…just keep your eyes open and IT will FIND YOU!

  11. Diania Kelley

    Inspiration from nature. Observing wild life.
    A walk in my back yard, listening to the sounds and seeing the colors.
    A variety of craft sites.
    Ive taught crafts, cardmaking, always inspiring to share.

  12. Rosemarie Molinare

    My favorite place for inspirations is Pinterest. So many talented people. I take an idea and change it to make it my own

  13. Traci

    If I am really stuck for ideas, I will check Pinterest. If I need a palette, I look out my window.

  14. Sharon Aurora

    I can find inspiration just about anywhere. Nature, people, buildings, and the art of other people often gives me ideas.

  15. Pauline Johnston

    Just thinking of the occasion and the person who will receive my gift prompts my best inspiration. Also receiving my order gets my creative juices going.

  16. Laura

    Everywhere! I find inspiration in everything from the beauty of nature to the texture of an object or the way that shadows fall I will see designs.


    inspiration is nature but my best inspirations are from sites like this as the newest products are always interesting and a challenge to try new crafts
    my favorite

  18. Iris Jaime

    Sashiko and embroidery, it is portable and soothing to do. I enjoy being in my recliner best, when everybody has gone to bed. It is my quiet time for myself.

  19. Aurora Millward

    Either in my room, on the computer, from my siblings, or from my customers. I sell handmade stuffed animals at my business “Millward Miniatures” which is on Facebook.

  20. Cheyenne

    Out in God’s world I find more inspiration than I have hours in the day to craft. Just retiring and moving back to the quiet solitude of country living daily reminds me of all the inspiration God has placed around us in his world of nature from color to texture and beyond.

  21. Jo

    Inspirations usually find me before I start looking. Once a picture forms in my head, I look for other pictures on the Internet, trying to match it. I’ll look at several sites, gathering ideas before settling on means, methods, and hopefully, final product. For technique, though, I’ll head to the library for an old-fashion book with lots of big, bright pictures!

  22. Theresa

    I find inspiration from websites like Pinterest or stamping sites as well as attending “stamp camps.”

  23. Debra Moorehead-Washington

    My creative inspirations are fueled by my own imaginations.; with my eyes drawn to different color palates and textures I see in nature, fabrics and textiles. I usually carry a pad and pen(cil) to jot down or rough sketch ideas when my phone camera is not appropriate for use as I tour through cities and towns with historic and eclectic architecture and shops, and do unscrupulous people watching.

  24. Mindy Drummond

    Pinterest always, Instagram and Blogs from some of my favorite crafter/bloggers that I follow.

  25. Noreene

    I find inspirations on U-tube, webisodes, crafting magazines , craft shows , & many more places

  26. Marcia Maschke

    My inspiration comes from friends and family. I paint gourds, and some one is always asking if I’ve ever tried to paint this or that. Well, the wheels start turning and I’m off in my studio trying too figure out a way to make it work. Nobody has stumped me yet!

  27. Constance Williams

    Inspiration is everywhere. On-line, in garden, at the craft stores, in your closet. just look around for the wonderful color combinations in nature.

  28. Tammie S Kelly

    There are so many things that inspire me. Publications, media, nature, shopping, friends. Too much and so little time.

  29. audrey mayrent

    My favorite source of inspiration is by the media. Beads “tell” me what they should turn into, and what other beads or media should be paired with them.

  30. Kelly OBrien

    I always craft with a particular person or cause in mind, so they are the inspiration for whatever I do. Sometimes things just seem to drop into your life at the right time, too. One of my neighbors was getting rid of a white mailbox that is in really good condition. My niece and I can paint it in Easter colors and themes, then it becomes a personalized Easter “basket” for her.

  31. Joan

    Garden centers, retail stores, people watching…usually I look at something, and an idea pops into my head.

  32. Patricia Mather

    I find inspiration outdoors. The colors and hues of plant life, ocean, wildlife , Sky, just get me fired up! Sometimes just browsing the craft aisles also provide inspiration. I have recently decided to try my hand at simple jewelry making as well as simple chimes using sea glass and shells I find here in Hawaii so this offering is just fantastic! Mahalo!

  33. NancyB from Many La

    Inspiration comes from all over – colors, an idea pops in my head, an idea on the web, etc

  34. Donna

    Mostly social media. Then my head takes over for my own spin on the idea, mostly in the middle of the night when I’m supposed to be sleeping. lol

  35. Gail Plaskiewicz

    My favorite place to find craft inspiration is from blog hops for cards & jewelry sites for jewelry. Then of course God puts ideas in my head & I go with that. Sometimes I will just see something & I will think “I can make that or make a card like that.” I love to make jewelry & boy, could I use some of these tools! I would love to win this & thank you for giving us the chance to win something!

  36. Dianne G.

    I look for inspiration on different craft sites, Pinterest, Facebook and YouTube. I love learning new things so I am always on the look out for interesting crafts to try.

  37. Lisa

    I get my ideas from different diy websites and from think crafts. Will need to share pictures

  38. BarbMac Vt

    Nature is my favorite place to find crafty inspiration! There are so many shades of each color, unique shapes and scenes that just call out to be recreated with my own interpretation! Who could resist trying to make Natures. Scenery even more wonderful? Not me!

  39. Christi

    My backyard is acres of trees so I have nature for inspiration. Just wear a lot of bug spray.

  40. Tee

    Decorating my brand new house!! I love taking the antiques from our farm and making “memory stations” of family members. I find pieces and make pieces that when arranged in a group make that person come to mind. Kind of like looking at a photo of someone except I use items that were part of their lives, so if you knew that person, seeing a group of items brings that special someone to mind!! Since I live on a family homesteaded farm, there are tons of items from family members all around!!

  41. Tammy

    In my head. I have a fashion merchandising degree and like with fashion, I love mixing colors, patterns and textures. I try to always think outside the box.

  42. Jen Knutson

    I enjoy the outdoors and wild animals to get inspiration. I also like looking through Pinterest..not gonna lie lol

  43. Kay Gammon

    I find inspiration online in blogs and Pinterest. I also find inspiration from wandering in secondhand stores.

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