Baby Bunny Hairclip

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Make a sweet bunny hair accessory to wear for spring with this easy tutorial.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Using the two smallest pom-pom makers, make two pom-poms, according to the directions.

Trim your pom-poms down so they are about 1 1/2-inches, and 1 1/4-inches in size.

Cut two small, round-ended ears from the felt.

Glue the ears to the back of the head.

Glue the head to the body, so the ears are sandwiched between the two pom-poms.

Glue two black beads onto either side of your bunny’s head.

Glue a 3/8-inch pom-pom on for the nose.

Glue a 1/2-inch pom-pom to the back of the bunny for the tail.

To cover your clip with felt, cut a strip of felt about 1/4-inch wide, by 3 inches.  Pinch your clip open, apply glue to the inside of the bottom leg, and place the end of your felt strip over the glue.

Let your clip close, apply glue to the back of the leg that you applied the felt to, and fold the rest of the felt strip back, and over the glue to hold.

Glue the clip to the back of the bunny, so the part of the clip you pinch is toward the tail of the bunny.

Now wear your cute bunny clip to celebrate spring!

Happy crafting!

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2 thoughts on “Baby Bunny Hairclip

  1. BarbMac Vt

    This is absolutely adorable! When will you be posting the winner of the adorable bunny bag for last week’s Freebie Friday? Hopping to see my name as the winner! TFS!

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