Felt Succulents

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Make a cheerful, no-maintenance friend for your desk, or windowsill.  These happy little succulents would also be a great little gift for a friend!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, cut a roughly 5-inch circle from your felt.  Next, cut a zig-zag, leaf-shaped edge all around your circle.  (You can vary the shape of your succulent by cutting a scalloped shape, instead of a zig-zag shape, or varying the size, and depth of your leaves.)

Next, starting at the outer edge, cut a zig-zag spiral into the center of your circle.  You’ll wind up with a little circle of felt in the center of your spiral.

Starting from the outside end of your spiral, begin coiling the spiral up.  Use a bit of glue to help hold the shape when you first begin the coil.

Continue coiling up the felt spiral, working toward the center, dotting with glue as you go to keep your succulent from coming apart.  Continue coiling, until you reach the middle–fold the little circle of felt at the very middle of your spiral over onto the back of your succulent, and glue it in place to hold the felt coil together.  Now, if you want your succulent to be a bit larger, you can cut a few bigger leaves from your felt, and glue them onto the outside of your succulent.

Cut a small circle to fit down inside your container.  Hot glue into place.

Glue your succulent onto the cardboard, and glue small decorative rocks on to cover the cardboard.

Using a small, flat brush, paint the bottom portion of your pot, or bucket, white.

Use a small round brush, and your black paint, to give your pot a cute face.

Give your face cute details with a color of your choice.

I made a whole set of these little guys as gifts, and had a good time giving them all fun facial features.

Try glasses, freckles, moustaches, eyelashes…

Happy crafting!

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