Coffee Filter Flowers

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

These gorgeous, and surprisingly realistic flowers are made out of a very commonplace item–coffee filters!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

The first step is to dye your coffee filters.  There are a couple of methods I used to dye my filters–the first method use water-based markers.  Take a stack of a dozen, or so coffee filters, and color a stripe all around the inside edge of the inside filter.

Fill your bowl with about an inch of water, and place the filters, striped-side down into the bowl of water.  Let the water wick up into the stack of filters, spreading the color.

Take out of the water when the color has spread as much as you like, and let the stack completely dry.

The second dyeing method involved mixing some of the watercolor paint into about an inch of water.

Place a stack of filters, top edge down, into the color, and allow the color to wick into the stack.  Remove, and let dry.  I try to make a range of shades when I dye my filters–some pale, and others darker in color.

To make a peony-type flower, choose 2 darker colored filters, and 6 lighter ones.  Place the dark filters together into a stack, and fold the circle into quarters.  Use your scissors to cut a zig-zag petal pattern along the top, curved edge.  Stack the 6 light circles together, and fold the stack into quarters.  Use your scissors to cut the top, curved edge into a rounded petal pattern.

Unfold the light-colored stack back into a circle.

Unfold the darker-colored stack, and place in top of the stack of light circles.

Take a green chenille stem, and poke it up through the center of the filters.

Bend the chenille stem over, and poke it back through the center to the back of the stack.  Twist the ends together to form the stem.

On the front of the flower, scrunch, and pinch the top-most dark colored layer toward the middle.  Next scrunch the second dark colored layer to the middle, around the first.

Continue scrunching the layers of the flower up around the middle, until you’ve scrunched all the filters.

Use your fingers to gently fluff, and separate the layers.

To make a rose, take 2 coffee filters, stack them together, and glue together in the middle with a small circle of glue.

Use your scissors to cut a spiral into the filters, starting at the edge, and leaving a small circle in the middle where the spiral ends.

To form the rose, begin rolling the spiral from the outer point, holding both layers together as your roll.  You can use a tiny dot of glue to help hold the center together when you begin.

Continue rolling the filters toward the center.

When you get to the center of the spiral, gently uncoil the rose, as needed to open up your flower.

Glue the little circle tab that’s left in the center to the back of your newly formed rose.

Glue chenille stems onto the back of the roses, if you wish.

Use your beautiful flowers as a bouquet, for wreaths, on packages, or in other crafting projects.

Happy crafting!

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