Fuzzy Hair Pencils

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by General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Make some fuzzy headed friends to make writing more fun!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, cut 1-inch wide strips from your fake fur (learn how to dye it with Alcohol Ink here).  From those strips, cut 1-inch squares–you’ll need 1 square for each pencil you make.  Apply glue to the back of your fake fur square, and then wrap the square around the pencil, below the eraser, around the metal part (so you’ll still be able to use the eraser on your finished pencil).  Gently tug,the fur so it is snug around the pencil, and pinch it together at the seam to hide the seam.

Brush the fur upward to cover the eraser, and fully hide the seam.

At the bottom edge of the fur, on the edge between the fur and the pencil, glue two googly eyes right next to each other.  Next, glue a pom-pom nose between the eyes.

Now you have a cute fuzzy friend on the end of your pencil, and can still erase mistakes, as needed!

Have fun giving your fuzzy friend a wild hair-do by rapidly rolling the pencil between your hands!

Happy crafting!

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