Dyeing With Alcohol Ink

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by General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Have you every tried dyeing with alcohol ink?  Follow along with my experiment, and see the beautiful results!

Here’s what you’ll need to try it for yourself:

I was making a project with fake fur, and I wanted bright colors, but was unable to find the colors I wanted.  I thought about using fabric dye, but the idea of going though all the mess, and bother, for just a few small pieces of colored fur wasn’t appealing.  Then I was inspired to try dyeing my fur with alcohol ink!  I cut a small piece of white fur, and placed it into a plastic grocery sack to catch any overspray.  Next, I dripped a few drops of alcohol ink into the bottom of my spray bottle, and added a few drops of regular rubbing alcohol to add volume, and dilute it slightly.  I then spritzed the fur with the ink.

Next, with my hands on the outside of the bag, away from the mess, I gently rubbed the ink, and oversprayed ink from inside the bag, into the fur to distribute the color.  I loved the two-toned effect of the color on the outer layers of the fur, with the white inside, so I didn’t saturate the fur with color.  You could obviously use more ink to make a the fur have a more saturated color.  I then let the fur dry completely, which was actually pretty darn quick, due to the evaporative nature of the alcohol.

When the fur was dry, it looked slightly matted, but a quick brush through with my fingers returned it to it’s fluffy state.  The ink is permanent, and will not rub, or flake off.  It worked fantastic for dyeing the fur, and I’ve also had great success spraying it onto silk flowers.  What could you dye using this technique?

Happy crafting!

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2 thoughts on “Dyeing With Alcohol Ink

  1. Natacha

    Hello, thank you for this very good idea. I want to color an old mecanic cat with fur and make it like the cat of Alice in wonderland. I don’t no if I’ll have a good result but I will try.
    Have a good day. Natacha, France

  2. Bonnie

    I love the dyed fur! What do you use it for?
    I’m considering alcohol ink on a section of white, man-made Berber carpet. I’d like to make a pattern using alcohol ink dots instead of fabric paints. You wanted the ink to spread into the fur, while I’m hoping for a more defined DOT. Any thoughts?

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