Origami Earrings

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Take your paper-crafting to a fancy new level with this pretty project.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, using either your pencil, ruler, and X-Acto knife, or your paper trimmer, cut your paper into 1.5-inch strips.

Cut the strips into 1.5-inch squares.

Now fold your square into your favorite origami creation.  My origami skills are limited, but I can fold cranes, and a butterfly, and I found tons of other simple folding instructions, and videos on Pinterest.

You may find it helpful to use toothpicks, and tweezers to aid you in folding such tiny origami creations.

Fold a matching pair of origami creations for each set of earrings.  Using your pin, or needle, carefully poke a hole through the layers of your origami, so you can insert the headpin–on the cranes, the headpin can be hidden within the folds, on other creations, like my butterfly, the end of the headpin may be exposed.  Insert the headpin.  Use a toothpick to apply a tiny bit of E6000 somewhere hidden within the origami folds, to help hold the origami creation in place on the headpin–if you don’t, your creation may spin around on the headpin.  Stick the wire ends of the headpins into the Styrofoam cone, and let dry.

Working outside, or in a well ventilated area, spray your origami with the clear coat.  For ease of application, I left mine poked into the top of the Styrofoam cone, and held the cone as I sprayed them.  I gave my origami 3 good coats of clear coat, letting them dry between coats.  Clear coating your origami will give it some stiffness, and water resistance–however, they’re obviously still paper, so I don’t recommend immersing them in water by swimming, or showering in them.

Once dry, slide beads onto the headpins as desired.  If you’ve used an eye pin like I did on the butterfly pair, you may want to add a short length of chain to make a dangle, or simply dangle a longer bead from the bottom.  To make a bead dangle, thread a bead onto a headpin, and form a loop directly above the bead, cutting off the extra wire.  Then fasten the bead loop onto the end of your chain, or directly onto the loop in the eye pin.

Using your needle nosed pliers, grasp the headpin directly above the top bead, and bend at a right angle.

Using the round-nosed pliers, grasp at the bend, and wrap the wire up around the round nose into a loop.  You can either clip the extra wire right now, and just stick with the basic loop, or you can continue onto the next step.

If you want to make a more decorative loop, while still holding the pliers inside the loop, wrap the tail end of the wire firmly around the stem of the loop to cover.

Clip any extra, and use your needle nosed pliers to push in the end.

Use your pliers to carefully open the loop on the earring wires, place the loop you just made onto the earring wire loop, and use your pliers to close the earring wire loop.

These earrings make a beautiful statement piece, and would be a wonderful gift for someone special.

Happy crafting!

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2 thoughts on “Origami Earrings

  1. Ashile

    Hi. Thank you for the tips. I love the earrings.
    I’ve made a few origami earrings. But because of having to wear a face mask, I seem to rip my origami creations.
    Is there any way to secure the origami more firmly to the earrings?

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