Winter Night Sky Mobile

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Make a pretty mobile to decorate your home, and make it cozy for winter.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, roll a chunk of clay to a thickness of about 1/8-inch.  Begin cutting stars from the clay–I made 26 stars for my mobile.

Before the stars dry, use your big needle to poke a hole up towards the top point, and then another one straight down from that one, towards the bottom of the star–make sure your holes are lined up with each other.  Let stars dry completely–flip a couple of times to help them dry evenly, and not curl.

Cut lengths of thread, I made 8 strings of stars, and begin threading stars onto the thread.  Feed the thread through one hole in the star, and then up and out the next hole.  Make sure to thread your stars onto the thread so the top points are all facing up.

I made 8 total strings of stars, with either 2, or 3 stars on each string.

Now you need to make your hangers for your hoop–fasten a piece of thread across one direction of your hoop, and then another one going the other direction across in an “x.”  Tie the middle of the “X” together with another piece of thread, and tie a loop in the top for hanging.  Once you’ve done this, begin tying the strings of stars onto the hoop, evenly spacing them around the edge.

Now is the slightly tricky business of balancing your mobile.  To do this, it helps to have somewhere to hang it, so you have your hands free to work.  I attached mine to the chandelier over the table, and proceeded to balance my mobile.  Slide the stars up and down the strings to make a pleasing arrangement, and slide the strings around the hoop to balance your mobile.

When you’re happy with how your mobile looks, and is balanced, tie off the bottom stars.  Pull the thread from the bottom hole, so it is only through the top hole.  Then tie off the thread, so the star is only dangling by the top hole.  Cut the tails.

Happy crafting!

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One thought on “Winter Night Sky Mobile

  1. Brettina LaRoche

    I was wondering if they sell the polyform air dry clay in glow-in-the-dark? That would be make the stars so fun, inside or out. I adore this project so thank you so much!!!

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