Pipe Cleaner Christmas Trees

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By Kids Crafts Contributor Veronika. Follow Veronika on her blog Toddler at Play and on Instagram @toddleratplay.

Do you want a super easy and fun Christmas craft idea for your kids? Well this craft is it!

These little Christmas Trees are made out of pipe cleaners and topped with a gold foam ball.It’s a perfect craft to make with even the very little ones.

You’ll need:

Step One:

Start by taking the green pipe cleaner and laying it flat on your work space. Pinch one end with your finger and hold very firm pressing down. With your other hand grab the other end of the pipecleaner and start twisting it in one direction to create a swirl.

Step Two:

Next, take both of the ends and pull slightly apart. And now you’ve got a Christmas tree.

Step Three:

For this step, take the brown pipe cleaner and cut it in half or into three pieces.

Tightly wrap it around the pencil and gently take off the pencil, this will be your “stem”.

Step Four:

Onto hot gluing. Take the bottom end of the Christmas tree and hot glue by inserting it right into the hole of the stem. Also hot glue the gold foam ball right onto the top of the Christmas tree. Next, glue the Christmas tree onto the white cardstock (or 2 x 2 piece). You might need to adjust and bend the tree for it to stand straight.

Aren’t these adorable? My kids and I left them the way they are, but you’re welcomed to add any embellishments, ribbons, etc.

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One thought on “Pipe Cleaner Christmas Trees

  1. Jim

    I’ve been making this style of Christmas tree from pipe cleaners for over 30 years, would love to share some new ‘twists’ on this if you are interested. I still make about 20 per year for co workers.

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