Spiral Candle Advent

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Create a unique countdown to Christmas with this simple project–this is a great project to make with the kids to help celebrate the season.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, break off a large chunk of your clay, and begin rolling it into a long rope.  You want your snake to be about 1-inch in diameter, and 2.5-feet long.

Form your rope into a spiral, leaving about 1-inch between the coils.

Next we’ll make our “counter” for the spiral.  For our advent spiral, we made Mary riding a donkey.

My daughter used a small horse cookie cutter to make the donkey, adding longer ears to the horse.  You can make any shape your want to be your counter–a star, an angel, a tree, a snowman, Santa.

Roll your clay at least 1/4-inch thick with your clay rolling pin, and cut your shape like your would a cookie.

You want it to be thick enough to stand up on it’s own, but not so thick that it won’t move through the path in your spiral.  Use the clay tools to shape, and add any details you desire.  Let dry.

Using a little water on your fingers, gently smooth the clay of your spiral.  Using the end of your candle, carefully make 25 holes along the middle of your spiral.  Make them deep enough to hold your candle upright.  Let your spiral, and counter dry completely–flip the clay items as needed to dry evenly.

To use your advent spiral, start moving your candle one hole each day, starting from the outside, and moving toward the center.  Move Mary, or whatever your counter piece is, along behind the candle to make the journey toward Christmas at the center.

Move, and light your candle each day of December, and create a unique tradition for the season.

Happy crafting!

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