Mini Christmas Tree Fun – Button Tree, Snowman and Candy Cane Ornaments

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The Christmas season has arrived! Here are some cute, small ornaments perfect for a miniature tree: a button tree, snowman, and candy cane ornament.

I recently wrote a blog about making a 18 inch felt Christmas tree from a Legacy Patterns Wooly Trees December Christmas Pattern.To read about its construction and decoration, please read Mini Christmas Tree fun – Making the Tree  and Tree Skirt and Button Ornaments. Here are some cute, small ornaments perfect for a miniature tree: a button tree, snowman, and candy cane ornament.

The Button Tree

These are easy to construct! Stack four or five red buttons of similar size for the trunk.  Next, stack about twelve buttons of green buttons in different shades and in gradually diminishing sizes. The buttons can be either two- or four-hole. Taking a needle and long piece of sturdy floss, pearl cotton, or thin cording, go down through one hole in each button and come back the opposite holes. The yellow star button with a shank worked well for the tree topper. The ornament can hang from the string threaded through the buttons and knotted – if it is cut long enough.

The Snowmen

The cute little snowmen are from a Beadery Craft Kit Ornament Classic Snowman kit that makes twenty-four. All that is needed are the contents of the package, needle nose pliers, wire cutters (or scissors), seam gauge (or ruler), and glue or hot glue gun.

The snowmen are made of beads strung on the chenille stems (pipe cleaners).

I made four snowmen for my miniature tree since there would be several other types of ornaments.

Candy Canes

Other fast, fun, and easy ornaments are candy canes made of interlocking beads on chenille stems – all included in the Beadery Craft Kit Ornament Candy Cane Assorted kit. Also helpful are needle nose pliers, wire cutters (or scissors), and something to hang them by. I chose clear Stretch Magic and some beading glue to secure the knot – because that is what I had handy. I also put a dot of glue where the cord and cane meet.

The kit makes sixteen larger candy canes and even more smaller ones. I made four smaller ones for the miniature tree and some larger ones for gifts and a bigger tree.

All three of these ornaments are simple enough for young children – as long as they are old enough to not put the pieces in their mouth causing a choking hazard. They would make a fun family or group activity.

The miniature tree is filling up! Check back soon for the final ornaments – lots of “crystal” ornaments in various shapes.

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