Christmas Tree Farm Truck Painting

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Create a nostalgic painting for your Christmas home, customized just for your family!  This sweet vintage truck painting is as easy as tracing, and painting in the lines!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, paint your canvas black.  Let dry.  Load your spatter brush, or a fan brush, with white paint, and spatter the surface of the canvas with white.  Let dry.

Use your 1/2-inch flat brush, and brush some snow across the bottom of the canvas using loose strokes.  Don’t make the snow solid white–we just want the representation of snow, and shadows.  Let dry.

Print Tree Truck, it will print on two sheets of paper.  Butt the pages right up next to each other, not overlapping them, and tape them together.  There will be a gap in the picture, but that’s okay, you can continue the line when you trace the picture.

Position a sheet of white transfer paper on the canvas, and place the truck print-out on top.  Center the truck on the canvas, a couple inches from the bottom.  Use your pencil to trace over the picture, transferring it to the canvas beneath.  Do not worry about tracing the lines inside the truck’s body, or the words at this point, only the basic outlines, and wheel details.  We’ll add the other details later.

Use a small flat brush, and fill the truck in with red paint.  The style you choose to paint it is up to you–I chose to leave my red a bit thin, and it went on with a more transparent, brushy, washed look, giving my painting a weathered style.  You might prefer a solid red paint job, and bold black lines as an accent, thus creating a more bold, graphic style.  That’s the fun of a painting like this–the finished style is up to you.

Using the print-out as a reference, use a small brush to all the details on the truck, like the bumpers, and the black accent lines.

Paint the windows streaky white, so they appear to be reflecting the light.

Fill in the tires of the truck with black paint.

Paint the white and red on the wheels.

Use your brown paint on a small flat brush to paint the trunk, and some branches onto your tree.

Using your 1/2-inch flat brush loaded with green paint, paint brushy strokes outward from the trunk, turning your brush to point them on the ends.

Keep the branches loose, sweeping them gracefully away from the trunk.  I chose to make up my tree of sweeping strokes of paint, only using the traced lines as guidelines for the tree.  You may want to simply paint the outline of the tree in solid green, giving your painting a graphic, rather than painterly look.

Once your painting is thoroughly dry, once again lay your carbon paper, and truck print-out onto the painting, and trace the words “tree farm” onto the truck body.  Use a tiny, round detail brush loaded with white paint to paint the words onto the truck body, adding your own family name in your best cursive script.

Unwind, and put batteries into your string of lights.  If they have removable colored caps, like mine, remove them.

Using a sharp pencil, poke a small hole in the canvas, front to back, where you want your first light located at the top of the tree.

Starting at the end of the string furthest from the battery pack, poke your first light through the canvas, back to front, and replace the colored cap.  Tear off a small strip of duct tape, and further secure the light into place on the back of the canvas with the tape, as needed..  Repeat the process with each light in the string.

Tape the battery pack to the bottom edge of the canvas.

Now, turn down the lights, and enjoy your charming new painting!

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