Button Bouquet

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Turn a few buttons into a cute decoration with this easy tutorial.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, stick the end of your wire inside a shaker hole, and down into the bottle, and decide how tall you want your bouquet to stick up above the shaker.  Take this length, and cut your wires a couple of inches taller than it, so you have extra wire for wrapping.  Stick the end of your wire into the first hole of a button, and bend it back down toward the next hole into a “u” shape.

Pull the button up against the wire “u,” and then use your pliers to help twist the ends of the wire together, tight up against the button to hold it in place.  If your button has 4 holes, make sure your wire “u” is long enough that you can thread it back up, and through the other two holes–use your needle nose pliers to help thread, and pull the wire through the button holes.

To make a flower, cut a flower shape from a piece of scrapbook paper.

Poke one of your already wired buttons into the center of the paper flower. Pull the paper flower up against the button, and use the hot glue to attach it to the back of the button.

Try varying your button flowers by stacking smaller buttons on top of larger ones, and threading the wires through the stacked holes.

Wire all your buttons, and then cut to varying lengths as you arrange them in the shaker.

To make leaves, cut leaf shapes from paper, fold over the base of the leaves, and hot glue them around the wire.

To help your flowers to be a bit more secure in the shaker holes, cut a small circle of cardstock, and hot glue it into the inside of the lid, against the shaker holes.

To arrange the flowers, poke the wires through the shaker holes, through the paper, and down into the jar.

Tie a ribbon around the top of the jar to further embellish.

This is a great project to use up odds and ends buttons, and can even be customized for different holidays/seasons by using cute, shaped buttons along with the plain ones.

Happy crafting!


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One thought on “Button Bouquet

  1. Jane Wilson

    This is so cute, thank for sharing the tutorial! I can’t wait to create something similar with my daughter this weekend. We often take tutorials like that and try to complete them at home, it’s been a tradition ever since she was 2 years old. She has a real eye for crafts, and this gives us the chance to spend some quality time together.

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