Cardboard Owls

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Create some cute owls for your fall decorating with this fun recycling craft!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, use your pencil, metal ruler, and utility knife to mark off, and cut a bunch of 1-inch, and 1/2-inch wide strips from your cardboard–cut them whatever length your piece of cardboard is.

To make the body, begin coiling one of the 1-inch strips up into a roll, hot gluing to hold as you roll. My owl bodies are about 2 inches across. If you need to add another strip of cardboard to get your body to the size that you want, simply butt the end of the new strip up to where the first one ended, glue into place, and keep rolling. To make the head/eyes, coil the 1/2-inch strips into quarter-sized rolls–make 2.

Glue the eye coils together.

Glue the eye coils onto the top of the body, lining them up with the back edge of the body. There should be a space on the body, in front of the head.

To make the wings and the tail, carefully peel the top layer from a piece of your cardboard, to expose the ridges of paper underneath. Cut two small wings, and a little tail from the ridged cardboard.

Glue the wings onto the side of the body, and the tail onto the back.

Cut two small feet from the cardboard, and glue onto the bottom of the body. To make a beak, cut a small triangle, and fold it in half–glue between the eyes.

To finish your owl, glue two beads onto the head for eyes, paint the beak and feet black, and cut a strip of cardboard to make the eyebrow/ feather horns for your owl. Try squashing the body into more of an oval shape, or change the head/body proportions to make owls with different personalities. Try making a life-sized owl buy cutting wider strips, and making much bigger coils.

Happy crafting!




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