Spiderweb Hoop

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Make a simple, and not so spooky decoration for your Halloween home, with this easy tutorial.

Here’s what you’ll need to make you own:

To begin, take the wooden hoop apart; we’re going to stretch the webbing across the smaller, bottom hoop.  Pull a small bit of the webbing free from the bundle, and use your hot glue to attach it to the side of the hoop.  Stretch the web across the hoop in the opposite direction, and glue into place.

Continue stretching the web across the web, using the glue to tack it into place.

Once you’ve covered one side of the hoop, stretch the web, and cover the back side of the hoop in the same manner.

Once you are satisfied with your web, place the outer ring back on the smaller ring, tightening the ring so the webs are secured into place along the sides.

Embellish your web with spiders, and jewels, as desired.

Tie a bow from your ribbon, and glue onto the top of the hoop to hide the metal screw.  Use the little hole in the hoop between the screw, and the hoop to hang up your fancy spiderweb.


Happy Halloween Crafting!



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