Multi-Season Wreath: Halloween

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Storing a wreath for each season takes up a lot of space. Here is a multi-season wreath to customize for each holiday and season – one wreath for all year long!

Having recently down-sized to from a large house to a small apartment, I realized storing a wreath for each season wasn’t going to work – one wreath that could be transitioned from season-to-season would be a better option.

Here are the supplies used:

I left the plastic wrap on the straw wreath since in was going to be outside in a covered area. I wrapped the wreath with Morex Ribbon Burlap & Lace Natural Ribbon, being careful to cover the wreath with as little overlap as possible, and securing the ends with FloraCraft Floral PIns. It took two rolls of ribbon to wrap the wreath and…

have enough for a bow. Nothing fancy – just twisted the ribbon as needed so the side with the lace showed. I did not tie a knot due to the little amount of ribbon left but I tacked it in place with on the wreath with floral pins. The wire in the ribbon helped maintain the bow shape well.

Since this was the Halloween version of the wreath, I pushed in eight, evenly-spaced floral pins on the back and strung yarn through them to make the spokes of the cobweb and…

wrapped more yarn to complete the web. I plan to leave the pins there year round so they are there next year to make the web again.

I chose an orange burlap flower for the bow and a haunted house button from the Jesse James Dress It Up Embellishments Beware Of Ghosts. Both were secured in place with floral pins. The BOO! sign and ghost buttons were pinned with quilt pins. Have fun picking other  embellishments you would like.

The beaded spider was borrowed from Kim – see her blog about making it here.

This wreath is very flexible – add whatever buttons and decorations suits your fancy. Right after Halloween, I will change out the embellishments for Thanksgiving by adding different buttons and a Welcome sign – check back soon to see that version. The Halloween bits and pieces will go in a flat plastic bag for easy storage for next year!

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