Beaded Spider Tutorial

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I have never really minded spiders, and will usually let them be, as long as they keep there distance. I mean if they stay up in their corner, or on the ceiling, I am totally fine, but the second they start hanging off the ceiling, they are gone. Here is one spider that you won’t want to squish.

Using your wire cutters, cute one 4 – 5 inch piece of 20 gauge wire, for the body. Then cut four 5 – 6 inch pieces of 22 gauge wire, for the spider’s legs.


Start with the 20 gauge wire, you want to start by either making a loop or your own decorative head/eye pin. Or if you want to cheat, you can use a pre-made head/eye pin. This will be used to make your spider’s body.

Next take the other 4 pieces of wire (for the legs), and make a loop in the center of each piece.


Then add beads to your legs. I made my front legs with 20 beads on each side, and my middle ones with 25. When you are finished beading a leg, make a loop and trim any excess wire.

Once all of you legs are finished, it is time to string everything onto the “body”. Start by threading your largest bead onto the spider’s body. Then add all the legs, followed by your smaller body beads.

The form a loop to secure all the part in place.

Then trim off any excess wire.

Next your are ready to arrange, I made sure to position my shorter legs at the front and back of the spider.

Finally carefully bend the wire to shape each leg.

These spiders are perfect for Halloween, and can easily be made into earrings or necklaces (with the use of jump rings) or they would add a very pretty element to a Halloween Wreath!


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