Jelly Roll Rug Squared

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Eager to try the latest sewing craze? Jelly-Roll Rugs are very popular now – and I had fun making mine!

I used the RJ Designs Jelly Roll Rug Squared Pattern to make mine.

My goal was to make a rug for the guest bathroom to complement the striped neutral-colored towels, artwork, and shower curtain. Although the rug can be made with one jelly roll – usually about forty 2-1/2″ strips – I made mine from twenty fabrics, using each one twice. As for batting, we were backordered on the popular, time-saving Bosal Batting Katahdin 100% Organic Cotton 2.5 in. x 25 yd roll of precut batting strips – so I cut forty 2-1/2″ strips from a twin-size batting.

My bad! I forgot to take a picture of the fabric and batting strips assembled together – it made quite a pile!

Once the fabric and batting were prepared, I sewed them – all according to the pattern instructions. I found Wonder Clips held everything in place well as I sewed. A walking foot and a sturdy Jeans needle were definitely a good idea!

Here are the fabric/batting strips ready to be…

organized and marked as suggested in the pattern. Normally, I would have laid out all twenty fabrics and then repeated them to scatter the fabrics in a pleasing scrappy manner – but I liked the pattern’s suggestion to have the sides mirror each other. I placed the same fabric on the outside edge that I planned to use for the binding on the ends.

Once I looked at the towels again, I decided to change the final arrangement. The strips on the right half are sewn together already. I found the zigzag stitch skipped stitches – even with a new Jeans needle on my Bernina – so I switched to the #4 serpentine stitch which takes several stitches in a zigzag pattern. For even stitches, it was important to let the strips feed evenly without pushing or pulling – and to catch them before they hit the wall and stitches backed up. Also, it helped to gently push the strips together while sewing – otherwise there may be gaps between the strips that could weaken the integrity of the rug.

The rug did not lay smooth at first…

but it was flat after a good spray with Mary Ellen’s Best Press and some pressing. A regular long ruler would work – as did my favorite 20-1/2″ square ruler. This is the step when it is important to check how straight the rows are because you can straighten them a bit when damp and pressing.

After adding binding on the short ends, I was pleased with final results – as was my son who uses this bathroom when home from college. I sprayed it front and back with Scotch-Guard and will do so after each time it is washed. I will get a rug gripper pad soon because it does slide a bit on the hard floor.

The striped rug complements the striped artwork, towels and shower curtain to make a striking guest bathroom.

Once my backordered Bosal Batting Katahdin 100% Organic Cotton 2.5 in. x 25 yd  batting strip rolls (it takes two) arrive, I am going to make the oval version from the RJ Designs Jelly Roll Rug Pattern. It will coordinate with the red and brown towels in the master bathroom.












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One thought on “Jelly Roll Rug Squared

  1. Ami

    Wow! Love this project, i have a woven rug in the kitchen that is falling apart. This would make a great replacement.
    Thank you for sharing this project.

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