Bead People

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Here’s a fun project, with endless uses–make these cute little bead people into backpack hangers, zipper pulls, key chains, necklaces, Christmas ornaments, or whatever else you can think of!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, choose a bead for your person’s body, and paint a solid color. I find it easier to paint the beads when I stick them on the end of a paint brush. Let dry, and then paint any further decorations.

Choose a bead for your person’s head; mine was the same size as my body, but the fun thing about making these little cartoon-like bead people is that you can make the bodies any proportion that you wish. Try giving them big heads, little bodies, or tall hair-any way you can stack the beads to make a cute little person. Paint their hair, and face. Let dry.

Place your beads on a stick, skewer, or straw, and spray evenly with clear gloss to seal, and give a nice finish. This isn’t necessary, but will make them more durable. Let dry. Next, cut a length of ribbon, and wrap one tightly in Scotch tape to make a little “needle” to help you thread it through the bead. Thread your ribbon up through the beads, starting at the bottom of the bottom bead, up through all the beads, out the top, leave a big loop, and then thread back through down to the bottom again–you will now have 2 tails at the bottom, and a big loop at the top.

Adjust your loop at the top so it is your desired length, and then knot the tails at the bottom, so the knot is flush with the bottom bead. You’ll need to tie a couple of knots, right on top of each other, so the knot is not small enough to pull back through the hole in the beads. Cut the tail ends off right next to your knot. Use your lighter to carefully melt any frizzy ends, and help seal the knot.

If you’re worried about your bead person sliding off the top of your ribbon, just tie another knot at the top of the bead stack. Now use the loop at the top to slip knot your little bead person to a backpack, or onto a key chain ring.


Happy crafting!



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