Unicorn Dreamcatcher

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Make your own magical wall decoration with this easy tutorial.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, wrap your entire hoop with ribbon, tacking with glue as you wrap to hold it in place. Do not worry about covering the metal screw used for tightening the hoop- we’ll hide it with the horn, and you can use that little space to hang the dreamcatcher.

Next, tie the end of your first color of yarn onto the edge of your hoop. Put the yarn firmly across the hoop to the other side, wrapping once to help secure, and then continue moving your yarn back-and-forth across your hoop in a web-like pattern. Be sure to secure the yarn with a dot of hot glue every couple of wraps to help keep it from unraveling.

Tie your first color of yarn off, and tie a new color one onto the edge to continue your webbing.

Use as few, or as many colors of yarn as you wish, just be sure not to cover it so densely with yarn that you can’t still see through the hoop.

To make the ears, cut two triangles from the white foam, and two inner ears from the pink. Glue the inner ears onto the outer ears, and glue the completed ears onto the edge of the hoop on either side of the metal screw, leaving room for the horn.

Cut an elongated triangle from the glitter foam to be the horn. Glue onto the hoop in the middle of the ears, covering the gap in the hoop, and the metal screw.

To make the hanging pieces off the bottom of the hoop, cut lengths of fancy yarn, trims, or ribbons–make them twice as long as you want the final length. Fold the pieces in half, and lay the looped end under the bottom edge of the hoop. Reach through the hoop, and pull the loop up through the hoop a couple of inches. Put the two tails through the loop, and pull them back down in the direction that they will hang. Pull gently to tighten, and cinch the loop into place. Repeat with as many hangers as you desire. Trim as needed.

Decorate with jewels and plastic jewels, and then hang up your magical dreamcatcher!

Happy crafting!

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