Magical Mermaid Egg Box

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Make a magical box to hold your special trinkets, or as a fancy gift box.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Using your pencil, mark evenly along the outside of your egg where you want your egg to be divided into the body, and lid of your finished box. I made about the top third of my egg into the lid. Using your utility knife, carefully cut the egg apart.

To hinge the lid onto the egg, cut a 1- inch square of duct tape, and lining up the top of the egg with the bottom, duct tape the lid onto the egg on the outside. Cut another 1-inch square of tape, open the egg, and place the second square of tape on the inside, directly over the first piece.

Fold the long edge of your foam over about 1/2-inch, and begin cutting a long strip of scalloped shapes–these will be your scales, so cut them to your desired size. Cut the strip apart the long way, and then cut apart each individual scale. Make scales in your desired colors.

Cut a small circle out of foam, and glue it onto the bottom of your egg to cover the very bottom.

Begin gluing your first row of scales around the center circle, rounded side toward the circle. Overlap them slightly.

Begin attaching your next row of scales by overlapping the first scales, and working around in a circle.  Continue up the sides of the egg in the same manner.

When you get to the cut edge, line up the flat edges of your scales to the cut edge. Trim scales to fit, as needed.

To cover the lid, close the lid, and begin your first round of scales, so the scale slightly overlaps the bottom half of the egg. Only glue the scale to the lid of the egg though, you want the bottom of this row of scales to slip freely over the bottom ones to hide the gap.

Continue covering the lid of your egg with scales, like you did the bottom. Finish the very top of the egg with a small circle.

Hold the clasp pieces in position on the front of the egg, and gently bend the pieces into a curve, as needed, so they fit flush on the egg–you shouldn’t have to bend very much, and make sure the clasp still closes.

To attach the clasp to the front of the egg, place the hinged top part of the clasp as close to the edge of the lid as you can, leaving room for the screws. Poke the screws through the holes in the clasp, and use your screwdriver to attach the screws, through the foam, and the egg itself. The little screws are sharp, and this is actually not too tough. Place a dot of hot glue on the tips of the screws on the inside of the egg to help secure them, and keep you from poking yourself on them.

Insert the bottom button piece through the top closure, so it is latched, and line the piece up on the bottom portion of the egg. Screw into place, and cover the screw tips with hot glue.

If desired, finish the inside of your egg with paint, or by applying pieces of felt to cover.

Now, hide your favorite treasures in your magical box.

Dont want a mermaid egg, how about making a magical dragon’s egg? What other magical eggs could you make?

Happy crafting!

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