Flower Pincushion

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September is National Sewing Month! Why not celebrate by making yourself, a super cute new pincushion! Now go pick out some cute fabric scraps, and let’s get started.

Here’s what you need:

Instructions: (Please read instructions all the way through before starting.)

  1.  Base coat the box inside and out with one or more coats of acrylic paint, let dry.
  2.  With the awl, punch a small hole in the center of the top where the button will be sewn.
  3.  Form stuffing into balls slightly larger than the box top petal shapes and hot glue into place.
  4.  Cut an 8” circle of fabric for the top of the box, center over of the top and sew buttons on, one inside and one for the flower center. Pull thread taut so the button will pull down to the box top.
  5.  Determine 5 equal distant points around the edge of the fabric circle and hot glue each of these points into one of the petal indentations. With needle and thread gather the fabric petal shape and hot glue to the lid’s sides. Repeat for each petal. Trim any fabric hanging below the bottom edge.
  6.  Cut a piece of fabric wide enough to cover the side of the lid and to fold under on both cut edges. Hot glue into place along the bottom edge of the lid. Whip stitch the top edge to the petal fabric. With a long needle sew from the petal indentation to the center under the button, through the box lid, repeat several times, pulling the tread taut to define the petal shape. Repeat this step for each petal.
  7.  Cut a piece of fabric wide enough to cover the side of the box bottom and to fold under on the bottom edge and into the box. Do not fold the top edge under, the lid will not fit. Use white glue to attach this fabric to the bottom edge, smoothing as you go around each of the petals. Make sure there are no raw fabric edges showing.
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