Paper Mache Jellyfish Mobile

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Do you have, or know of a little that loves the sea and sea creatures? This would be perfect for their room, or even decorations for an under the sea birthday party. And the best part is…it GLOWS in the dark!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:


  1. Cut the bottom off of the paper mache 4 inch ball. Please use caution as the center is plastic. Make it look similar to the half ball ornaments.
  2. Paint the 5 paper mache pieces inside and out, and let dry.
  3. Take the solid ring of the embroidery hoop and paint it white. The other half of the hoop is not used. Paint the wood cups white.
  4. Prepare the streamer jellyfish “tenticles” by cutting out 5 inch circles from the cello wrap and then cut each into a spiral towards the center. You will need about 25 of these. Cut lengths of ribbon and trim for each jellyfish. Wrap chenille stems around a pencil, then stretch out, to make squiggle shapes.
  5. Paint a second coat of color to the pieces and let dry. The next 2 coats will be painted with glow-in-the-dark paint. While the last coat is still wet, sprinkle with the glow glitter and tap off excess. Let dry.
  6. Glue pom pom trim to the opening edge of each jellyfish. Secure an 18 inch length of monofilament through the top hole on each jellyfish.
  7. Cut a piece of double sided tape 7 inch long and lay sticky side up on a table. Place ends of ribbon, cello streamers, stems, and shred on the tape. Stack another piece of double sided tape on top of the first. Repeat with another layer of long embellishments. Make 4 of these, and one that is 10 inch long and set aside.
  8. Next, gather a group of more ribbons, cello, stems, and shred and secure with a rubber band at the top. This group should fit into the cups and be hot glued in. You can plug the hole in the cup first with scrap wood. Remove the backing from the double sided tape of the strip that you made earlier. Wrap each cup with those pieces and then hot glue the entire group into a jellyfish head. Repeat steps for all 4 smaller jellyfish.
  9. The largest jellyfish is assembled the same, except with another layer of streamers on the inside edge of the hole, then glue in the cup that is filled and surrounded by the steamer pieces.
  10. Use the wire to make a hanging system with the hoop, and tie on the jellyfish at different distances hanging from the hoop.
  11. Finish the hoop with a piece of pom pom trim on the edge.

If you make one, be sure to share a picture, and tell us how you are using it!

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