Peppy Popsicle Garland

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Create a cute, and colorful garland to celebrate summer with this easy tutorial.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To make a single popsicles, cut a rectangle about the same length as your popsicle stick, and twice as wide as you want your final popsicle to be.  My rectangle was 4”x3”–making my final popsicle 4”x1.5”.

Fold your felt piece in half the tall way, so you mark the halfway for your popsicle with a bit of a crease.  Glue the popsicle stick down the center of one side, so the stick hangs out the bottom halfway.  Be sure to put some hotglue on top of the stick too.

Fold the other side of the popsicle over the glue, and press to adhere.  I like to press down on, and around the stick so it kind of shows through.  Let cool.

Trim the edges so they are even, and round the top.

To make a double popsicle, measure a rectangle that is as tall as your single popsicle, but twice as wide (My rectangle was 4”x6”.), then fold the felt over so it is double thick.

Fold the double thickness of felt in half, so you have a crease that shows you each individual popsicle.

Using your scissors, carefully cut a rounded top through all four layers of felt.

Glue your popsicle sticks in between the felt layers like your did for the single popsicle.

To make a bomb pop, make a white single popsicle, but instead of rounding the top, cut the top shape into a bomb pop shape, like the photo.

To make the red stripe, apply a line of hot glue in a straight line across the popsicle about 1/3 of the way down from the tip, and then all over the tip above your line.  Lay the glue covered white popsicle onto a piece of red felt, lining up one of the straight edges of the red felt along your initial straight line of hot glue–this will give you a nice straight line for your red stripe.  With your scissors, trim the red felt right along the edge of the white popsicle to give you a nice, even edge.

To make the blue stripe, cut a blue strip of felt that is about the same width of your red section, apply glue to the bottom of your white popsicle, and then lay onto the blue felt strip.

Fold the ends of the blue strip around the edge of the white popsicle to hide the edge, and glue into place.  Use your red marker to color the edge of the red section, since it would have been considerably harder to wrap the red stripe around the shaped tip.

When you’ve completed all your popsicles, cut a length of ribbon, and then hot glue the popsicles onto the front of the ribbon.

Make plain popsicles, bomb pops, other striped popsicles–use your creativity to make one cool garland to celebrate summer!

Happy crafting!

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