Seashell Trinket Dish

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Here’s a pretty project using the seashells you collected on summer vacation–make one to hold your own jewelry, or small trinkets, or make a sweet little gift for someone you love.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, choose 3 pearls, and figure out how to position them on the back of your shell so the shell sits level.  My shell was a really bumpy oyster shell, and I had to play with the positioning a little bit to gauge where best to glue the pearls to make my dish level.  Using your E6000 adhesive, glue your pearls into position, gluing so the hole through the bead is up and down, not facing sideways, so they’re hidden from view.  Let dry completely.

Using your detail brush, and liquid leaf, paint a stripe around the edge of the shell–I painted a stripe on both the inside and outside of my shell.

Paint a small heart, other symbol, an initial ,or even a word on the inside of the shell to add a pretty detail–I made several little dishes; I painted hearts on some, made a little wave pattern on another, and painted the word “seashore” in cursive script on another.  Just be creative–pretty little details add so much!  Let dry.

Use your pretty little dishes to hold jewelry, or other small trinkets, and to remind you of your fun times at the seashore!

Happy crafting!

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