Magical Mermaid Tote

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Why carry your stuff in a boring bag? Make a magical tote to carry your things in a fancy way!

Here’s what you’ll need to to make your own:

To begin, cut a piece of cardboard that will fit down inside your bag to keep the ink from seeping through to the backside. Use painter’s tape to mask of the handles, if you desire.

Insert the cardboard into the bag, and tuck the handles behind to keep them out of the path of the ink. You will want to cover your work surface with a great deal of newspaper, or other covering you don’t care about, because it will get stained from the ink over spray.

Pour some of your rubbing alcohol into one of the spray bottles. In separate spray bottles, drip enough of your alcohol inks into the bottles that you can spray the ink–you may wish to dilute them with a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol if they’re too saturated for your liking.  I suggest testing them on some paper first.

Begin spraying your ink onto one corner of the bag.

Try dribbling, or splattering some of your ink directly from the dropper bottles–I kind of flicked the bottles to make spot.

Keep layering colors, spraying them with the plain rubbing alcohol to help blend them. When you’re happy with your background, let it dry.

To help me keep my scales even in size, I folded a piece of paper accordion style, keeping my folds about 1-inch in size. Then, I cut a scale shape from the paper, paper doll style, so they were all hooked together. I then opened this up, and traced it with a pencil to make my scale pattern.

Trace over your lines with the glitter gold puff paint. Embellish the scales, as desired.

Let dry according to the directions on the bottle.

When it was dry, I decided I wanted more sparkle to my scales, so I thinly painted some of the glitter paint onto some of the scales with a small paintbrush. You could do this when you initially apply the glitter paint, but I only thought if it as an afterthought. Let dry.  Remove cardboard and tape.

It’s really hard to do justice to how pretty, sparkly, and richly colored this bag is in pictures.

My son isn’t into mermaids, so the next plan is to adapt the colors and shape of the scales to make a “dragon scale” bag for him.

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