Pineapple Doormat

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Bring some Aloha to your summer porch with this easy doormat project.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, if your sponges are too small to make the size of pineapple you want, hot glue them together, before you draw your pineapple shape. Then, use your marker to draw a bit oval, and then divide it into diamond shapes, with criss-crossing lines–don’t divide it up into too small of diamonds, keep them large, or you’ll have a hard time stamping. On another sponge, draw your pineapple’s leafy top.

Cut out your pieces.

Number your pieces, if you desire, to help you remember which side is up, and to keep you from getting confused as you stamp.

Squirt a generous amount of paint onto your paper plate, and start stamping with either the top most, or bottom most piece of your pineapple. Load the sponge with a lot of paint. Be generous with how much paint that you use; it takes more paint than you think that it will.

Stamp your first piece onto the doormat (I measured my placement for the middle pineapple first), pressing firmly over the whole surface to make sure all the edges make a mark.

Load up the next sponge piece with paint, and leaving about 1/4-inch of space between your first stamped image and the next, stamp the next piece. Be sure to leave gaps between your piece, so you get the nice criss-cross pattern in the negative space.

I laid my pieces out on a separate plate as I used them, so I could easily stamp my other pineapples when the time came, without getting my pieces all mixed up.

Once you stamp your pineapple, stamp the top of the pineapple using green paint. Use your flat paintbrush to fill in any uneven places with extra paint.

Stamp two more pineapples, and then let the doormat dry completely before setting it out in front of your door. To clean, just shake it off, or spray gently with the hose, and lay in the sun to dry.


Happy Crafting!

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