Loop-Dee-Loop Headband

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Use up your fabric scraps to make your own, cute hair accessory.

Here is what you will need:

Cut your fabric into 3 strips–2 strips 3″ x 17″, and 1 strip 3″ x10″

To begin, fold all of your strips in half along the long edge, and sew a 3/8-inch seam along the long edges. (You will use a thread that better matches your fabric. I used a contrasting thread so you could see my stitching.)

Turn the tubes you’ve sewn right-side out.

Cut a strip of elastic that is 6.5″ long.

Feed the elastic into the 10″ long strip, so one end is even with one end of the tube–make sure the seam of the tube is evenly running down the middle. Using a zig-zag stitch, sew across the end of the fabric tube to secure the elastic in place.

Scrunch the fabric tube back to expose the opposite end of the elastic, and line it up with the free end of the tube. Zig-zag stitch this end to hold the elastic in place.

Taking the two longer tubes, fold inward each end raw edge of the tube about 1/2-inch, and press with the iron to hold.

Lay your long tubes, so the seam is facing up, and down the middle of each tube, in an “X” shape.

Fold one tube in half onto itself, so it folds across the other tube.

Fold the second tube in half the same way.

Line up the stacked ends of the tubes so they are even. Tuck the raw end of the elastic tube into the folded end of one of the joined tubes. Pin together the all three ends to secure. Straight stitch across the short way to secure.

Repeat with the second side to form a headband.

Try altering the width of the 2 longer strips to make different widths of headbands–just remember the width of the final tube will be about 1/2 of whatever sized strip you cut.

Happy crafting!

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