DIY Home Décor – Moss Balls

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Looking for DIY home décor accessory ideas? Here are two ways to use moss balls to add an organic element – and they are fun to make!

Another recurring theme in home staging is something organic such as plants – or at least some greenery in the form of moss balls. They complement the popular style of adding orbs of all kinds to your décor – whether made of moss, glass, stone, wood, metal, or spherical geometric shapes. Okay, moss balls are not found in nature. My guess is that boxwood hedges trimmed into balls and placed in urn planters are one inspiration for them.

Project 1 – Half Ball of Moss in a Bowl

Here are the supplies used:

I covered areas of the 8″ hollow half ball of smooth (closed cell) foam with generous amounts of my favorite glue – Aleene’s Always Ready Turbo Tacky Glue. I used the tip of the bottle or a small foam brush to spread the glue thoroughly.

Then, I selected small clumps of chartreuse reindeer moss to fill in each area. I carefully chose green moss void of darkened moss or small twigs. Often the larger pieces needed to be pulled apart slightly so they were still intact but not as bushy. I wanted the moss to cover the foam evenly without areas that were fuller or more sparse. There was a fair amount of wasted moss leftover but I preferred using the best-looking moss only – the color and texture remained even that way.

I painted the outside of an 8″ scalloped paper maché bowl with DecoArt Satin Enamel Paint Soft Linenand a foam brush. The inside was sprayed with Krylon Shortucuts Aerosol Paint in Gold Leaf, which turned out to be unnecessary. My husband sprayed the outside of the bowl with  Krylon Marbelizing Spray Gold Chiffon starting off to one side and sweeping across each side and being careful to not get too much in one area. Practice beforehand helps. The last step was to spray the bowl with Krylon Artist Sprays Triple Thick Glaze as a sealant.

One moss covered half ball and one painted scalloped bowl ready to assemble.

I was concerned whether the moss covered 8″ half ball would fit in the 8″ bowl!

After a bit of stuffing the moss and foam into the bowl, it worked fine. The gold paint inside does not show at all, so it was not worth doing. The Shakespeare book is a favorite from my childhood. My husband asked if I had painted the bowl to match the book’s cover – but no – that was serendipitous!

I had removed many books to stage the bookshelves for selling our home; the moss bowl adds an organic element. I especially like the chartreuse color of the moss – it stands out well on the shelves and contrasts nicely with the pumpkin color of the back (fabric adhered with Mod Podge).

Project 2 – Moss Balls in Clay Pots

Here are the supplies used:

I had a large bag of Quality Growers Moss Reindeer Spring Green to use for both balls. Using the same method as before, I covered areas with a generous amount of glue and added the moss.

After finishing the first moss ball easily, I realized I had used up all the best pieces of moss. The remaining pieces were small. It took much longer to fill in with fragments of pieces – and the ball turned out smaller as well without the full larger pieces of moss.

Next time, I would buy two bags for better results. The leftover moss (seen on the left) can be used to fill in the tops of potted plants.

The pots were spray-painted with two coats of Design Master Colortool Spray Paint in Ivory  and one coat of Krylon Artist Sprays Triple Thick Glaze.The moss balls in pots were on the other book shelf – along with the paper maché ampersand I painted. Even though I bought craft supplies, so far my DIY home décor accessories cost less than items I would have purchased in stores – and I madethem myself!

Note: I made two more moss balls to display with other decorative orbs, but I haven’t decided where they are going. One was made with a paper maché ball center and the other with a regular rough surface Styrofoam ball (not smooth foam). The smooth paper maché worked great – the non-smooth Stryofoam not so much. The glue tended to sink into the crevices which made it harder to adhere the moss.





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