Pretty Paper Umbrellas

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

These cute little umbrellas can be sized up or down, and make great mobiles, and party decorations.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, trace 8 circles for each umbrella onto your cardstock. The diameter of your finished umbrella will be approximately the same size as these circles, so plan your circles accordingly.

Fold your circles in half, and then in half again. If you use patterned paper, and want the pattern to show on the bottom of the umbrella, then fold so the pattern shows up on the outside. If you want the pattern to show up on the top, curved part of the umbrella, fold circle so the pattern in on the inside of the folds, and the folded circle is white on the outside.

Open the quarter-folded circle only half way, and apply glue to the inside fold. I used a glue stick on mine initially, and decided my heavier cardstock held better with hot glue

Re-fold the circle into quarter-fold, and pinch the sides together to adhere. Repeat with the remaining 7 circles.

Begin gluing the folded circles into a stack, lining up the folded edges all together, so the open curved edges are facing out.

Once you have all of the folded circles glued together, gently pull them into a circle shape, and glue the ends together to form your umbrella.

Using your round-nose pliers, bend a small circle on the end of your wire. Measure the wire so it is long enough to fit through the center of your umbrella, keeping the wire circle flush with the top of the umbrella, and sticking down long enough to make a handle with a curve at the end.

Insert the wire into the center of the umbrella, hot glue to secure, and then bend the bottom of the wire into a “J” shaped handle.

Take a tiny piece of clay, roll it into an oval, and push onto the end of the handle. Let dry.

Paint the clay handle with your acrylic craft paint. Let dry.

To make raindrops, cut 4 identical drop shapes for each raindrop.  Fold each drop shape in half.

Glue two drop shapes together, folds together. Make an even amount–you’ll need 2 for each single drop.

Lay a long piece of fishing line down the middle of the flat side of the first side of the drop, and then hot glue another half on top–line up the tops carefully to form a point. Continue assembling drops up and down the fishing line to make strings of raindrops.

To hang the umbrellas, simply thread a piece of fishing line through the wire loop at the top of each umbrella.

Create a cheery mobile from your umbrellas, or simply use thumbtacks to hang your umbrellas from the ceiling for a whimsical display.  I think these umbrellas would make the cutest decorations for a baby or wedding shower.

Happy Crafting!

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