DIY Home Décor – Marbelized Coasters

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Ready for a DIY home décor idea? This project is made with wooden coasters painted with acrylic paints and embellished with marbleizing spray paint.

As part of my efforts to prepare our home for sale, I perused Pinterest and some home décor websites for decorative accessories and home staging ideas. The staging process involves a lot of furniture and clutter removal – and adding decorative items to display the home at its finest. Think model home or magazine photo. I found that:

  1. Many items ran in the $40 -$60 range or more
  2. I kept saying “I could make that for less”

I decided to make some ivory and gold coasters with a golden marbleized effect.

Here are the supplies used:

The cabone rings or medicine bottle caps work well to hold the coasters up off the paper towel work surface while paint dries.

I painted both sides of the coaster ivory with DecoArt Americana Décor Satin Enamel Paint Soft Linen using a foam paint brush. When the paint was dry, I used painter’s tape around both sides to mark off a bit more than 1/3 of each coaster and burnished (ran my nail or another object over) the tape edge to prevent leaking under the tape. The first coat of the DecoArt Dazzling Metallics Acrylic Paint Glorious Gold over the ivory paint was streaky and didn’t cover well.

The second coat was better. I ended up painting three coats of the gold on each side…

on the base…

and on the front and back between the horizontal slats. I had to do some touching up, but the coasters looked good when the tape was removed.

In order to protect the gold areas from the Krylon Marbelizing Spray Gold Chiffon, I inserted the gold part into plastic bags and secured with tape placed exactly along the edge of the gold paint on each side. By making the tape longer than the coaster, I was able to pinch the front and back tape together and seal the gold area securely.

My husband sprayed the coasters with the Krylon Marbelizing Spray Gold Chiffon being careful to start away from the coasters and sweep over them until covered sufficiently. Not much is needed because the intent is to mimic the veins of color in marble. It does help to practice on something else first. If you get too much in one area, it really stands out.

We used more color than you would see in marble, but I was pleased with the effect. I let them dry 2 days so the paint could cure. Then, we sprayed them with Krylon Artist Sprays Triple thick Glaze to seal and protect them.

For “feet” to protect the furniture, I bought some sticky brown felt dots but they seemed too dark. I drew and cut out some small circles of white sticky felt and applied four on each back. They looked okay but the thickness of the five coasters with the felt was a little too much. The bottom of the inside of the coaster crate is smaller than the top – so the coasters are a bit wedged in.

If I were to make another coaster set, I would probably use the brown felt dots which are thinner, skip them completely, or place the white sticky dots in a different position. If you look at the picture above, I placed one dot in the gold area and the other three in the ivory area. If all the dots were rotated about 45 degrees, the coasters would fit in better because…

I like to arrange the coasters with alternating colors showing, Unfortunately, that places all five white felts dots in the very bottom of the crate where it is most narrow.

This was a fun and easy project that looks pretty fancy when completed.

P.S. May,2018 addendum: I found another option for dots to adhere to the back/bottom side of the coaster set to protect the furniture. Colonial Needle Grip-It Finger Dots are clear and thin and work well for this purpose – although their original intent is to facilitate pulling a needle and thread through fabric!

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