Little Bird Photo Holder

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Make a cute little birdie friend to hold your favorite photo, or even create a whole flock to use as place card holders for your dinner party.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, hold the end of your wire flat against your marker, and wrap tightly around it two times, keeping the wraps right next to each other.

Bend the wire straight out from the wrap to add a stem to your rings.  Cut wire, leaving about an inch of wire as a stem.  Set aside for later.

Break off a small piece of clay about the size of a large walnut.

Roll into a ball, pinch the end into a rounded cone shape, so your overall clay shape looks like a raindrop.

Gently pinch and pull the end opposite the point you just made, and form a rounded head shape.

Gently pull the head back up towards the tail so your bird’s head does not just lay flat with the body like a torpedo shape–you want it to arch up from the body.

Gently flatten the bottom of your bird on a flat, hard surface.  Push gently to flatten the clay so the bird sits stably, and does not tilt forward.

Gently pinch a cone shaped beak onto the front of the face.

Insert your wire loop into the back of the bird.  Let dry until hard–overnight, or longer, depending on your humidity.

When dry, paint the bird light blue.  Let dry.

With a small detail brush, give your bird darker blue wings.  I made the feather shapes by loading a detail brush with a blob of paint, making a dot on the bird’s body, and then dragging the brush to make elongated drop shapes.  Let dry.

Paint the beak yellow.

Use a detail brush to paint two tiny, black dots for eyes.  Let beak and eyes dry.

Now your little bird is ready to hold your favorite picture for you.

Just insert a photo between the wire loops, and enjoy!

Happy crafting!

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