Pom-Pom Bee

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Have you ever tried using a pom-pom maker? A pom-pom maker is a fast, and fun way to make pom-poms out of your favorite yarn. Here’s a cute project to make a bee with a striped pom-pom making technique.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin your striped pom-pom, hold your pom-pom maker together as shown on the package. Begin wrapping your yellow yarn around one end of the pom-pom maker. Wrap a bunch of times to make a bundle of yarn. Clip the yarn.

Take your black yarn, and wrap tightly around the pom-pom maker against the yellow, to create a second bundle of color. Clip the yarn. Continue alternating the color wraps around the two arcs of the pom-pom maker–keep the pattern the same on both half-circles.

Close, and lock the pom-pom maker. Use your scissors to cut around the edge of the pom-pom maker, in the groove. Cut a length of yarn, and wrap tightly around the pom-pom maker in the groove. Knot, wrap, knot again, wrap, and knot again. Cut the ends. Unlock the pom-pom maker and open to release the pom-pom.

Use your pom-pom maker to create a solid black pom-pom for the head. Use your hot glue to attach the black one to the top of the striped one to create a body for your bee.

To make wings for your bee, cut a small heart from white felt, and glue to the back of your bee’s body.

Use the felt to create a face for your bee, and small pieces of chenille stem to create antennas.

Use the needle and thread to attach the ring of the metal clasp to the top of the bee, if you want to use it as a key ring, or back pack charm.

Try making all sorts of colors of striped pom-poms for your projects. What could you use striped pom-poms for in your crafting?

Happy Crafting!


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