Easter Wreath: Quick & Easy DIY

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You might not be able to tell from the weather (it keeps snowing, in our part of Oregon, that is rare, especially this late) but, Spring is right around the corner and I cannot wait. I wanted to make a fun, colorful wreath to bring in the season.

what you need:

I am just going to warn you right now, while this wreath is easy to make, it is a little messy, at least at the beginning, make it on something that is easy to clean.

Start by unwrapping the straw wreath. I don’t think I have ever used a straw wreath before, if I have, I have completely forgotten about the mess that they make when they are unwrapped.

Next glue the moss to the wreath.  I decided to do an asymmetrical look, but feel free to experiment until you get it just right.

Next grab the eggs. These came with ribbon attached for hanging, but the ribbon pulled out easily, and you don’t notice once they are glued in place.

Using hot glue, glue the eggs to your wreath. I found that gluing them between pieces of moss directly to the wreath worked best. (Note: the eggs are sytrofoam so a low temp glue gun works best.)

Paint your paper mache bunny white. (It ended up taking about 2 coats.)


I decided that the white bunny didn’t stand out quite like I wanted. So I decided to give it a blanket stitch look around the edge.

To get the effect you will want to start by outline you bunny with the 3D paint. I love this paint!


To finish the effect you will want to add the perpendicular “stitches”. I found that it was easier to start about 1/4 inch from the edge, then “draw” the line to the edge.

I started first going edge out, and as you can see my lines were not quite as nice.

Glue your bunny into place using your hot glue.

Also, be sure to be careful not to get hot glue in your hair. I am just saying, not the easiest thing to try to get out of your hair.

Finally add your ribbon to hang your wreath. I noticed that the top of my wreath had a spot where the monofiliment string was a little more obvious and I wanted to cover it a little. So I decided to cover it with a little ribbon and then added a bow!


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