Lucky Leprechaun

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Create this lucky little leprechaun to bring some cheer to your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, paint the legs of the doll pin white. Paint the stand Christmas green. Let dry.

Use a small detail brush to paint Christmas green stripes on the legs. Use the same small brush to paint tiny shamrocks onto the stand with shamrock green paint–paint 4 tiny dots in a cluster, and a tiny line for a stem. Paint a tiny face onto the doll with black paint. Let dry.

To create the pants for your doll, wrap the felt around the pin to measure the width, then add just as tiny bit more. Cut a rectangle the width of the doll, and as long as you want the pants to be. Cut a slit up the front to create the legs.

Glue the felt around the doll, with the slit lined up with the legs of the doll. Use the end of a paintbrush, or a butter knife, to push the felt between the legs of the doll to define the pant legs. Glue as needed to hold.

Cut a rectangle of apple green felt to create a shirt for your doll. Glue around the top of your doll.

To form the jacket, cut a small rectangle of dark green felt that only partially wraps around the top of your doll.  If you wish to add tails to your doll’s coat, make a couple of cuts angling down from the initial rectangle, creating a shape like a triangle without a point. Cut a slit up the middle to form tails. To create a collar, fold and glue down a small tab along the top edge of the jacket. Glue the jacket in place.

To create a beard, cut a “U” type shape from the orange felt, making the bottom curve of the “U” thicker to form the beard, and the arms thinner to form the sideburns.

Glue to the doll’s face.

To make the top hat, cut a strip of dark green felt as tall as you want the hat to be, and a couple of inches long. Cut a round of dark green felt to form the hat brim.

Roll the strip up, gluing as you roll, to form a cylinder. Glue the cylinder onto the circle to form the hat. Glue the hat onto the head.

Cut some tiny squares of gold paper and glue onto the hat and pants as buckles.

To make arms, cut a strip of dark green felt about 1/2-inch wide by 2-inches. Cut a tiny long oval of tan felt.

Cut the oval in half, and glue on either end of the green rectangle.  Glue them onto top edge.

Fold the rectangle in half, and glue to hold.

Cut 2 arms from strip you just made, rounding the cut edge to form shoulders.

Glue the arms on either side of the leprechaun, up under the collar at shoulder level.

Place the doll in the stand to display.

Happy Crafting!





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