Welcome Spring Little Chick

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Welcome spring with this adorable needle-felted chick peeking out of a paper maché egg. Embellish with buttons and he is ready for your springtime and Easter décor.

Here are the supplies used:

I painted the outside of the paper maché egg purple. It would be cute to add stripes, zigzag or dots – but I did not. Maybe I will later.

I painted the inside blue and pounced on some white clouds with a foam stencil brush. I used the smallest egg from an assortment pack of Styrofoam eggs. It was a bit too large so I rolled it applying pressure to condense the size –  you can see the before and after size above. As for the chick itself, I looked on Pinterest for examples of needle felted chicks and gave it a go!

I covered the Styrofoam egg with yellow wool roving and started pouncing gently with the needle felting tool until it was evenly felted. I also needle felted a small shape of green roving for the grass. Note: I discovered that 1-1/2″ plastic rings worked well as a stand for the egg.

For more step-by-step information on needle felting, please read my other posts:

I needle felted a small head and added black eyes. I had small black eyes on posts in my needle felting supplies – I could have used Jesses James 1/8″ micro-mini black buttons instead. I rolled a scrap of orange felt for the beak, glued it, held it in place while drying with a Wonder Clip, and glued it to the head. If I did not have gold felt, I would have needle felted an itty bitty beak with gold roving. Similarly, I cut and glued two small wings with yellow felt – but I could have made them with yellow roving.

I glued him in the egg on the grass and added a flower and Easter egg buttons – also with glue. Isn’t he adorable!

The PA Paper Maché Cracked Egg Ornament has a hanger. I have not decided yet whether I will hang the egg or have it sit in its plastic ring stand. I have seen crystal candle holders used as stands also – to add some elegance and elevation. If you have not tried needle felting, this would be an easy beginner project. Enjoy!

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