Yarn Wrapped Bottle

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Make a set of decorative bottles that can double as vases–customize for Valentine’s Day with a few simple steps.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, cover the neck and shoulders of the bottle completely with strips of double stick tape–you’ll want plenty of tape to make sure the yarn stays in place as you wrap these tricky areas. Run several pieces of tape down vertically in stripes around the body of the bottle. Glue the end of the yarn onto the top edge of the bottle’s neck. Begin wrapping the yarn tightly around the neck of the bottle, adding a dab of glue every once in awhile to secure it in place. Continue wrapping the bottle with the yarn, keeping the wraps right next to each other. When the bottle is completely wrapped, secure the end of the yarn with hot glue.

I left the labels on the bottles that I wrapped in the dark colors of yarn, but I removed the labels on the ones that I wrapped with the light colors, as the labels showed through.

To make the “L” bottle, adhere buttons onto the Cardinal colored bottle with hot glue.

To create the “O”, we’re going to make felt roses. To make the felt roses, cut various-sized circles of felt ranging in size from about 5-inches in diameter, down to 1.5-inches. Cut the circles into spirals, beginning at the outer edge, and cutting into the center–leave a small circle in the center.

To form the rose, begin coiling the felt spiral from the outer edge, hot gluing a dab here and there as you go to secure.

Continue coiling into the center until you reach the small circle in the middle. Hot glue the little circle onto the back of the coiled rose secure. Repeat with the rest of the roses.

Glue the roses into an oval shape onto the light pink bottle to form an “O”. Make sure you make the “O” at the same height as you made the “L” on the first bottle.

To create the “V”, glue alternating red, and white pom-poms onto the light raspberry bottle.

To make the “e” bend one bump chenille into a lowercase “e” shape, and adhere to the eggshell bottle with hot glue.

Arrange your bottles in a line, and add single flowers into each vase, or simply leave empty, and they still look plenty decorative.


Happy crafting!



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