2018 Resolution: Organize my Craft Desk

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My 2018 New Year’s resolution (one of many) was to organize the craft supplies at my work desk! Projects include a spiffy painted and fabric-covered drawer organizer, storage rack, chipboard caddy, ruler rack, and even an updated mouse pad!

Color Scheme                      

Since the interior designer in me has to have a coordinated color scheme, I chose to continue with my favorite Color Shift Paints in a rainbow of colors with black accents. They are so named because the luminescent colors shift in different lights. I used these paints for two projects already:

The CREATE Paper Mache Fun – Part 1 and Part 2. These letters now hang over my desk…

and the Desktop Caddy – A 3D Chipboard Craft. Since the last posting, I discovered the caddy is also a convenient place to hold my Wonder Clips in three sizes. There’s Hedgehog photobombing the picture again!

Drawer Organizer

I needed storage for sewing supplies at my desk. When I saw this Sierra Pacific Crafts Wood Chest with 3 Drawers (9.8 in. x 7.08 in. x 7.5 in.), I envisioned it with brightly painted drawers and covered with a fabric from my stash that complements the Color Shift Paints.

The chest was painted black with Design Master Colortool Spray Paint #625 Glossy Black.

The fabric was applied to the sides, top, and bottom with Plaid Mod Podge Gloss and a Plaid Mod Podge Tools Brush Applicator 4″.

The fabric application turned out well. Note: This technique would work with paper as well.

For each drawer, I painted the front with a Color Shift Paint, cut a piece of cardboard to fit inside, and covered it with a piece of batting and coordinating fabric.

I was pleased with the finished project – and it is a handy place to store lots of sewing accessories. When I want to sew by hand, I just grab the middle red drawer and everything I need is there.

Craft Storage Rack

I purchased a condiment rack online for the kitchen but it was too large (outside diameter was 7-7/8″ and inside was 7-1/4″). I decided to use it to hold craft supplies in Ball Mason Jars 16. oz. Purple. It only held three jars – for brush markers, watercolor pencils, and paint brushes, but…

the remaining space worked well keeping various glues handy.

Ruler Rack

An Omnigrid Ruler Rack works great for holding my acrylic quilting rulers – and even Perler figures like the hedgehog from Hedgehogs are Everywhere! The rack, painted with Color Shift Paint Black Flash, is an interesting antique bronze color.

Mouse Pad Update

After finishing my other organization projects, my mouse pad, inherited from the last desk occupant, looked pretty sad.

I applied a generous layer of Plaid Mod Podge Gloss with a Plaid Mod Podge Tools Brush Applicator 4″.

I turned the mouse pad right side down on the wrong side of the fabric and trimmed the excess with a quilting ruler and rotary cutter.

Now, even my updated mouse pad is coordinated with the rest of my desk accessories …

 and my craft supplies are organized and handy!





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