“Love You” Valentine’s Day Card or Any Day Card

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By Card Making & Scrapbooking Contributor

Peg Rounds

From Peg’s Crafting Corner

Are you ready to share the love this Valentine’s Day?  If not, here’s a great card that can be finished quickly so you can be ready.  It’s time to get to making those cards you will need because February 14th is fast approaching!

First die cut or punch 3 hearts.  One of them should be smaller than the other two.   You can use either cardstock or patterned paper or a mixture of both as shown.


Create the card base from cardstock.  This base is a 4” x 6” base, but any size can be made.  Glue a piece of twine down the edge of it making sure to leave some space to the left of the twine as show.

Now take a piece of twine and measure to be approximately 9 inches.  Do not cut it off the spool just yet.  This will make sure you have enough for the next step in case you need a little extra.

Move up from the bottom of it about 8” and tie a bow.  Don’t worry.  It doesn’t have to be exact.  Also, cut the piece off the spool at the 9” mark on the ruler.

Place one of the larger hearts on the card base and make note of where the center is on the base.  Run a line of glue the length of the base in that area.

Lay the twine you created with the bow in the glue and secure it.  Allow it to dry.


Place some 3-d adhesive on the back of each heart making sure to not place them in the center.

Place the two larger heart on the piece of twin attaching them with a piece of 3-d adhesive.  Note:  If you want to tuck the sentiment in behind the hearts don’t push the adhesive securely down yet or make sure that is not down in the area of where you will be placing the sentiment.

Now, attach the smaller heart in between the two larger ones.

Trim off the excess twine with a pair of scissors.

If want the bow to lay flat you can put a little glue down to hold it.  Otherwise, just fluff it up a little and adjust it until it is how you like it.


Stamp the sentiment and cut it down to size using the paper trimmer.


Cut down a piece of cardstock in a matching color that is a little larger than your sentiment.  Keep in mind that it must be able to fit onto the corner area of your card.  This is where tucking it behind the heats a little bit helps if you have a larger type on your chosen stamp.  Adhere it to the card.


Punch or die cut a small heart and place it in the corner on the sentiment.

Finish the inside of the card with a separate message.

Don’t delay!  Get the items you will need to make this awesome card in time to share with the one you love.  Don’t forget, though, it’s great to share the love any day so if you miss February 14th don’t let it stop you.  Love is to be shared any day of the year and you can do it with this card.

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Peg Rounds lives in East Moline, Illinois with her husband and best friend, Kevin and their son Josh and 2 dogs. She was an elementary school teacher turned stay at home mom, and later a home school mom. Over the years, she designed cakes on the side and went to school to become a certified chocolatier. She always has loved to craft since she was young and it was something that she wanted to be doing, but set it aside due to her busy life. After 15 years of doing cakes she decided it was time to stop and focus more on her family. She began doing layouts, then cards and it went from there. Before she knew it, next to spending time with her family, she spent every free moment creating something and blogging about it. One thing led to another and here she is today! Check out Peg's blog, Peg's Crafting Corner to see what else she has been up to!

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