DIY Tulle Heart Wreath

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I seem to be on a quest to make a wreath for every holiday and season. I can’t help it, they are usually so quick and easy to make, and they make me so happy when I see them as I am pulling into our driveway. So if you are like me, and you like to dress up your front door and make it all festive…today’s craft is for you!

Here’s what you need:


Cut the tulle and ribbon into 20 inch strips. For this wreath I used 64  strips of of tulle, and 16 strips of ribbon.  (WARNING: Glitter from the ribbon will get EVERYWHERE, if you don’t want to mess with glitter, just use more tulle.)

Take 2 pieces of tulle at a time and slip-knot the it around the wreath; similar to how you would when making a tutu.  (Fold the tulle in half behind the wreath (to form a loop), pull the ends up through the loop, and pull tight to form a slip not.) Repeat.

The take 1 piece of ribbon and do the same thing. (The ribbon is a little thicker so 1 piece worked just fine.)

Repeat the pattern (2 tulle, 1 ribbon) until the wreath is covered. I also occasionally added a pin in the back to keep everything in place.


Then paint your chipboard. I painted the “Welcome” white, and the Heart Glittery Red.


Finally grab your glue gun and glue the “Welcome” onto the wreath!


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