LOVE Embroidery Kit Projects

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Valentine’s Day is coming soon! Here are two versions of the Dimensions LOVE Embroidery Kit from Cathy Heck Studios for your Valentine’s décor – or as a gift to your Valentine.

As I perused our CreateForLess website for Valentine’s Day projects, I came across this cute embroidery kit.

The Dimensions LOVE Embroidery Kit from Cathy Heck Studios inspired not one – but two – Valentine’s Day projects.

Version 1

In my sewing supplies, I found some old rick rack from the 1960s or 1970s that belonged to my Mother. I decided to incorporate these into the Dimensions LOVE Embroidery Kit project in memory of her.

Having decided to make a mini quilt, I chose some coordinating fabrics, pink and green pearl cotton to match the rick rack, and some Jesse James Dress it Up Embellishments Mini Simple Hearts for an added touch.

The kit includes the printed design on fabric, three colors of floss, an embroidery needle, and instructions. The needle provided worked well for the strands of floss in the kit.

The embroidery hoop shown is my favorite Clover Embroidery Hoop Large 7″. I like it because of the size, the way it holds fabric securely, and the design of the knob placement which minimizes the catching of thread.

I chose to layer a square of batting behind the fabric for three reasons: the kit fabric was barely large enough for the hoop, it was going to be a mini quilt, and the extra layer would prevent the knots and threads on the back from showing through.

Here are my favorite hand sewing tools. From left to right:

The embroidery uses chain, back, and satin stitches. I especially liked the loopy effect of the chain stitches on the sides of the letters and the way it filled in the “O”. For the border, I used a back stitch in green #5 pearl cotton, covered with pink stitches over the space between the back stitches to mimic couching.

After completing the embroidery and adding a couple of buttons (optional), I auditioned fabrics for the mini quilt border and binding. While reading about the vintage rick rack online trying determine how old it was, I came across the idea of intertwining two pieces of rick rack as shown above.

The mini quilt was so small I decided to do a simple quilt-as-you-go border.

I tacked the rick rack down with matching thread. The green cornerstones were appliquéd on. The binding was made with 1-1/4″ strips of single fold binding.

This version of the Dimensions LOVE Embroidery Kit from Cathy Heck Studios, made with a combination of the kit’s contents and my own touches, looks perfect hanging on an Ackfeld Table Stand 6 x 6 in. Scalloped Charcoal. Okay – the mini quilt itself is not perfect, but it was made with LOVE!

Note: The heart-shaped mini quilt on the wall in the background was another Valentine’s Day project – check out my blog Tessellation Mini Heart Quilt to learn more about it.

Version 2

The reason for Version 2 is that I just had to find a way to use these adorable neutral-colored mini heart buttons – Jesse James Dress It Up Embellishments Vintage Linen. Also, it will look great in our master bedroom decorated with a calming, neutral palette.

For Version 2, I wanted a way to incorporate lots of the mini heart buttons, so traced the original embroidery design and drew a zig-zag border using a stencil from the C&T Notions Fast2Mark Essential Embroidery Stencil set.

After tracing the design onto a 11″ square of white fabric, I layered it with an 11″ square of batting, and put it in the hoop.

The embroidery design was again completed with satin, back, and chain stitches. I used a back stitch for the zig-zag, added French knots, and sewed on the buttons.

A Sierra Pacific Frame Wood 5 x 5 in. with Easel Walnut  was the perfect size for the Dimensions LOVE Embroidery Kit from Cathy Heck Studios. It comes in a black version as well which may better suit a different color scheme.

What did I learn?

  • In hind sight, a piece of white fabric would have been better than the batting behind the fabric; the chenille needle with #5 pearl cotton was difficult to pull through the batting.
  • The Clover Embroidery Threader did not work as well for me with the floss as it has with pearl cotton – I ending up breaking two of them trying to get the floss strands wedged in the sharply-pointed metal end.
  • I still prefer pearl cotton over embroidery floss!
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