Lovey Llamas

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Make a sweet yarn llama for your favorite llama lover, or make a cutie to keep for yourself.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

I used one of my kid’s hardback books that was 6-inches across to wrap my yarn. To begin making the head and front legs of the llama, wrap your yarn 35 times around your object. Try to keep your wraps neatly wound straight up and down, rather than diagonally.

Carefully slide the wrapped yarn off of your object, and arrange into a neat bundle. Cut a piece of yarn about 4-inches long, and tie the bundle of yarn about 1-4-inch away from the top of your bundle–this will form the llama’s snout.  Tie in a basic knot, gently pull tight, wrap the ends around the bundle again, tie a square knot, tighten, and then one more basic knot to finish.

Cut another piece of yarn, and tie around the bundle about 1-inch from the first tie you placed. Tie and tighten as described above. This will form the head.

Cut another piece of yarn, and tie around the bundle about 2-inches down from the previous tie. Tie and tighten. This will form the neck.

To form the legs, lay the llama so the head and snout are flat on the table, split the bottom of the bundle in half, and tie close to the bottom of each bunch with a piece of yarn. You have now formed the front 2 legs.

To make the bundle for the body, wrap your object 55 times with your yarn.

Carefully slide the bundle off, and cut the loops at one end.  Find the middle of the bundle, and fold into a “U” shape.

Take your llama head/neck/legs, and lay on its side.  Wrap your “U” bundle around the tie that separates the neck and the legs.

Cut a piece of yarn, and tie around the “U” bundle right up against the neck. This will form the front half of the body.

Working now with the yarn leftover at the back of the body, divide it into 3 bunches.

To make the back legs, wrap your yarn 35 times around your object.  Slide the bundle off, and cut one set of loop. Form the bundle into a “U” shape.

Wrap the “U” shaped bundle you made around the middle bunch that you separated from the body of the llama. Bring the ends of the “U” shaped bundle together, and carefully bring them downward to place the back legs. Bring the 2 body bunches you have left around the legs of the “U” to hide the top of the legs, and bring all three bunches together at the hind end of the llama.

Tie the bundle together at the hind end with a piece of yarn–you’ll be left with a big, poofy tail that we’ll trim later.

Separate the bottom leg bundles so you have 2 legs, and tie the legs off at the bottom, so the legs are the same length as the front 2–there will be extra yarn hanging down below each leg tie.That’s fine, we’ll trim last.

Now, trim the extra yarn on your llama’s feet, clip and shape the tail, and trim any of the tails leftover from your ties.

To narrow the neck, tie some pieces around the neck of your llama, pulling the ties tighter at the top of the neck, and making them a little looser at the base–this will give a bit of a taper to your llama’s neck.

Use some brown felt to make ears for your llama, and make pink centers. I suggest cutting a small, narrow egg shape, and then cutting it in half the long way–this will give you the basic ear shape of a llama. Then shape the ears as desired. Use hot glue to attach them to your llama’s head.

Using your tan felt, cut a small heart, and and attach it to the snout of your llama.  Cut two tiny ovals, and glue them on either side of the head.

With the black acrylic paint and detail brush, make two black dots on the tan eye ovals.  To make the nose and mouth, paint a tiny “Y” shape, with a smile on the bottom stem on the “Y”. Let dry.

Cut a long rectangle of felt to make a blanket for your llama.  Cut fringe along each short edge.  Decorate your llama’s blanket with a felt heart, or other decorations.

Glue the blanket onto your llama’s back.

Decorate, and embellish your llama’s as desired. Try making a whole herd of different colored llamas!

Happy crafting!





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