Hanging Pocket Organizer

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Since January is National Organization Month, I thought it was a perfect time to work on decluttering my desk. I have a few file folders and papers that permanently made a home on one corner of my desk. I didn’t want to try to stash them away in a file cabinet somewhere, that is where they started, and obviously, didn’t stay. This Hanging Pocket Organizer by Paper Accents is the perfect solution, and can be decorated using a variety of different techniques!

Here’s what you need:


The Plaid Painted Finishes Kit comes with 2 parts. To be honest I was a little nervous using it, because no where on the instructions did it talk about using it on anything but unfinished wood. But I decided to go for it, and grabbed the Barnwood Tint. Before I was done painting my first piece of chipboard I knew it was going to turn out great.

To start the project you are going to want to paint each piece of chipboard with the Barnwood Tint. Paint both the front and back of all the pieces, except the big base piece, that piece you only need to paint on the front.

Let all the pieces dry. The instruction say dry 4 hours, but it dried quickly on the chipboard and I found 1 to 2 hours to be enough time.


Next using the Barnwood Wax from the Painted Finishes Kit. Paint on the wax, then wipe with a cloth to remove excess.

While the wax is still wet you then want to take a large craft stick, or an old credit/loyalty card, and scrap the surface of the chipboard to reveal the Barnwood effect!

I again used a cloth to lightly “smooth” out some of the wax.

Now you can be done here (sorry I forgot to take a photo), or you can go on to decorate your organizer further.

I wanted the organizer to match the Stamped Wood Photo Displays that I made this summer, since it was going to hang by them. The stamp I used on the Wood Displays had a doily look.

First I dyed one doily using some watered down Ultra Dye. I just brushed it on, and applied a few coats to get the shade I wanted.


Then glue the doilies on to the edge of the top of the organizer, and the top of each of the pockets. I used clear glue to decoupage the doilies on.

To finish assembly the organizer following to instructions provided with the packaging.

I love how the Barnwood effect turned out, and I hope you will too!


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