Easy Marble Christmas Ornaments

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Learn about my experimentation with Marabu Easy Marble Paint – some ornaments were more successful than others!

Having never used Maribu Easy Marble Paints, I decided to try the paint on different materials such as glass, tin, paper mache, and Styrofoam balls. Keeping with my theme of red and white ornaments with a touch of silver, I used the three colors listed below. Please join me as I explore this technique.

Supplies I used:


On the left is what the Maribu Easy Marble Paint looks like after a few drops of each color are dropped into the bucket of water and stirred briefly and gently with a stirrer, The image on the right shows a Styrofoam ball on a bamboo skewer being lowered into the water. The paints adhere to the ball as it passes through the water’s surface.

The smooth Styrofoam ball picked up the paints evenly with complete coverage. So far so good!

The regular, rough, non-smooth Styrofoam ball did not do as well. The coverage was uneven and incomplete.

The smooth Styrofoam ball was definitely the better choice!

Next, we tried a swirly paper mache ornament painted with white acrylic paint. My husband, who dipped the ornaments for me while I took pictures, says the items were surprisingly resistant to being submerged.


The image on the left shows one side (even coverage) and the other side (uneven coverage). I found this to be the case in many of the tutorials I found online for this product.

I should have left good enough alone! Re-dipping the ornament did not improve the results.

We tried an unpainted paper mache star. The water looks like I used more silver and red than white – which was unintentional.

Not bad…this may be a keeper but I wish it was lighter. Re-dipping in white alone did not help much.

I made a tin star from an online tutorial Baking Pan Tins Stars from the Choose to Thrive website. The tutorial’s instructions and illustrations were excellent but my star was as close to a “Pinterest Fail” as I have come in a while. I made my creases too hard and ended up with a small hole in the center. Surprisingly, it was the best ornament to come out of my Easy Marble experiment!

Glass balls were the worst! We could not get even and complete coverage. Next time, I may try painting them with acrylic paint to make the surface more porous.

The yellow paper on top was cardstock used to wipe away residual paint from the surface of the water before starting the next ornament. It did the job well. The bottom of the photo shows the bamboo skewers I used to swirl the paint drops. Much of the paint adhered to them (like it did to the paper) – often removing so much that the ornament did not get covered. Later I tried a metal stiletto which was a bit better – but I still had the problem.

Here are the ornaments hung on a pasta drying rack…worked great!

So, here is the “star of the show” on top of my red and white (with a bit of silver) holiday tree.

The smooth Styrofoam ball also was given a place on the tree.

Even the paper mache star made the cut and hangs on the tree.

Here are some things I learned during my experimentation with Maribu Easy Marble Paint:

  • Porous surfaces such as the paper mache and/or paint helped the paint adhere better.
  • I needed to use a container with a larger surface. The cottage cheese container had limited surface for the paint, so the paint available did not always cover the item completely.
  • The tin star worked well – not because it was porous – but because we got a larger bowl to handle its size and laid it down horizontally on the water’s surface. The paint was able to quickly and completely cover the star.
  • A thin metal stiletto, skewer, or awl may work better than a wood or bamboo one.
  • Re-dipping was generally unsuccessful.
  • A pasta drying rack works well for hanging painted items.

I did enjoy the Maribu Easy Marble Paints. They are simple to do and it is fun to watch as the results emerge from the water. I would enjoy hearing from others about working with this product.

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