Needle Felted Ribbon Candy and Double Star Ornaments

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Learn to make a Ribbon Candy and Double Star Christmas ornament for your holiday décor.

Here are two more needle felted ornaments I made for my red and white holiday tree.

Ribbon Candy Ornament

Here are the supplies I used:

I started by cutting a 1-1/2″ x 12″ piece of 100% wool felt.

Using a Clover Needle Felting Tool with four fine felting needles and a felting mat, I needle felted a 1/2″ strip of red 100% wool felt to the white 100% wool felt. The sharp barbs in the needles interlocked the wool pieces so they were felted together.

Unfortunately, the 100% red wool felt was too thick, especially because I wanted to appliqué it to both sides. I had to switch to some thinner red felt  (bottom strip) that was only partly wool. Not only was the 100% red wool too thick on the front, it was too thick on the back side where I wanted to add another piece of felt.

I used detail scissors to trim away as much of the fuzz on the back side before needle felting another red felt strip to the back. Then, I had to trim the extra fuzz off the front.


Red 100% wool yarn was needle felted on each side of the 1/2″ strip – on both sides. I wasn’t sure acrylic yarn would needle felt well enough so I didn’t try it. Generally acrylic fibers do not felt effectively. I folded the wool piece into a ribbon candy shape, used glue and Wonder Clips to secure the shape, and strung it on some baker’s twine for hanging.

Another red and white ornament on my holiday tree!

Double Star Ornament

Here are the supplies I used:

I filled the cookie cutter with white wool roving and started needle felting the fibers with the needle felting tools. The barbed needles slowly interlocked the fibers so the star was a firm but not hard mass.


Due to the size of the star shape, I could only use the four needle tool in the center area. The pen style with its three needles worked better in the points – but I broke two of the needles when I hit the metal of the cookie cutter and forgot to punch gently straight up and down (came in at an angle). A single needle tool would work well in the tighter areas.


The photo on the left shows the felted star in the cookie cutter; the one on the right shows the star from the back. I still had a long ways to go on both sides to make them look good!

When I thought the star shape was felted enough, I removed it from the cookie cutter. The star point on the right was still a bit uneven, so I added a small piece of roving and gently needle punched it until the shape and texture were improved.

Working on the foam block at an angle, I gently tidied up the sides of the points so they were better defined. You can seen the single needle felting tool with the purple top I had leftover from the hedgehog needle felting kit – it was a strong needle that worked will in the tight spots.


I followed the same process to make the smaller red star with a 2″ cookie cutter.


The images show the back of the star and then taken out of the cookie cutter – looking way too “dimply”.

After more felting and shaping, the red star was needle felted onto the white star.

I strung the ornament with some bakers twine. The Double Star ornament looks great on the tree too!

I do enjoy needle felting! Hope you will try it also.

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