Walnut Shell Baby Ornaments

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Create a sweet little ornament for your tree with this simple tutorial.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, cut a length of twine a few inches long–just make sure that when you fold it in half, it’s long enough to make a loop that will easily slip over a Christmas tree branch.  Use your hot glue to stick each end of the twine into the walnut shell so the twine stretches across the shell–you can either make the twine go across the shell the long way, or across the short way, depending on how you want your ornament to hang.

Cut a piece of fabric about 2-inches square.  Take a tiny piece of fiber fil stuffing, about the size of a nickel, and roll it into a loose oval shape.  Hot glue it diagonally onto the plain side of the fabric.

Fold the edges of the fabric around the ball of stuffing, like you’re wrapping a present, and glue in place.

Place some glue into the walnut shell, and carefully press your fabric bundle into the shell, stuffing in the edges so you get a bit of a rounded shape in the shell.

Glue one of the beads onto the rounded end of the shell, on top of the fabric bundle–perch it partially on the edge of the nutshell, and the bottom resting on the fabric.  Glue the bead so the hole is hidden on the bottom, and we’ll cover the top hole with a hat.

Use your detail brush and the black paint to give your baby a little face.

There are several ways you can make a hat for your baby.  One way is to cut a small strip of your fabic, glue it in half the long way, and wrap the strip over the top of the baby’s head (covering the bead hole), and fold down in front of the bead, gluing to hold in place.

A second way to make a hat is to cut a small circle of felt, somewhere between nickel and quarter sized, and to cut a slit from the edge to the center.

Bring the cut edges together, overlapping them to form a shallow cone shape.  Glue in place to hold.  Glue the hat on the baby to cover the top hold in the bead.

A third way to make a hat is to glue a small acorn cap onto the baby’s head.

These sweet little ornaments are a cute a addition to your Christmas tree.  For a variation, add a little star to make nativity ornaments, make spots on the felt hats to look like toadstools and create gnome babies, or perhaps add tiny wings poking out alongside the blanket and make fairy babies.

Hang your babies in cradles to rock gently to sleep on your Christmas tree.

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