Craft Stick Snowflakes

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Somehow I have found myself in a DIY holiday decorating battle with my brother. He topped my Halloween trash bag spider webs (they were all over Pineterst this year) with some really cool milk jug skulls. So I am really trying to step up my game this Christmas. I was inspired by some old Popsicle stick ornaments to make these giant snowflakes to hang in my windows. These really are quick and easy to make, and I am sure your kids will love to help too.

Here’s what you need:

How to make it:


Start by taking 2 crafts sticks together (slightly overlapping) on one end, making one longer piece. Repeat 2 more times, until you have 3 longer pieces.

Then glue those pieces together to form an asterisk shape. (I used an extra craft stick to make sure my pieces were evenly spaced.)

Then glue another stick to every end of the asterisk.


Next using 2 sticks add points. You want to be sure to work fast so that you can maneuver the sticks to get the right shape before the glue hardens.

Glue 2 sticks together in a 90 degree angle. (I used a piece of paper as a guide.) Repeat until you have 6 total.

Take those pieces and glue them on the ends to finish the snowflake.


Now you can paint your snowflake. (I painted one in white and one in red.) Finish it offer with a coat or two of Glitter Mod Podge, not only will it seal the paint, but it adds a nice sparkle to your snowflakes.


How fun was that? There are so many different designs you can make, design one as you go, or search online for other ideas! Enjoy!


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